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I think Dortmund will win it.

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Overpayed, overhyped.

Put a numpty in charge with a good amount to spend on players and most could do well.

Plenty of decent managers around for a lot less and with a good budget for a team could win big.

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Man utd don't have the best players.

But they play well as a team and attack at speed, a lot of teams have gone the barca route and play with the ball for far to long before going for goal. It works if the other team stand off.

But we saw barca destroyed and unless they change it'll happen more and more.

Fergie was a hard manager because if you did not play well, you did not play, he did his nut.

I think next season ...

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Shocked at that, barca had no answers.

I don't think it was just Bayern playing well, barca just looked dead.

I still think BD will win it.

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Well done Dortmund, Madrid screwed themselves in the first leg and only have themselves to blame.

Madrid tried hard and came very close, ramos was dirty.

Ronaldo should not have been on the pitch. Could see he was struggling.

Overall a good result for football.

And laugh at me if you will.

Tonights game will be even better, I can see barca pulling the scoreline back.

Will finish in extra time. ...

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Newcastle belong in the next div.

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Spurs were very lucky to get anything from that game. Wigan outplayed Spurs. Poor mistake from defender and an own goal late on.

Upto bales standards, rofl. He is overrated. Did hardly anything in this match.

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Dortmund played excellent. Madrid too deep and just like barca, most of their play is keeping the ball and trying to roll it in.

Madrid still have a slight chance, as they got the away goal. But barca needs 5 goals.

What amazes me is that barca and Madrid buy other top players and leave them on the bench.


Have to say, well played arsenal against BM. So close.

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She's fit, and quite smart.

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Should have been sent off for that challenge.

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BM will win the cl.

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Looking at the points, it looks like it was an easy trophy, but quite frankly UTD have not been upto par.

There have been many games where opponents have squandered chances to win, and some games utd have been very lucky.

No-one is saying utd do not derserve it, but the points tally is flattering.

I think this season most teams have been under par.

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BALE, ahahahhaahhahahhahahahah

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close game/s

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Welbeck is awful player, hopefully won't put an England shirt on again.

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He's a good player, but seriously.

A lot of players don't try to take others on.

That's a major prob in English football, instead of being an individual, they just pass back and forward over and over again.

He is one of those players that doesn't give a shit and wants to be himself when on the pitch.

Ronaldo is the same type of player.

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Arsenal will get 4th, it's meant to be.

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He hasn't done anything, worth about 5mill imo. if that.

Should have gone long ago

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utd wouldn't have won it anyway.

It was a red card, if you watch it again, nani sees him coming and still puts his leg up.

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