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If i had a suitcase, all i'd need is his money.

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Overpaid and overrated as most footballers are.

Messi is a great player and so i ronaldo at times.

But beckham was once quoted as being a great player and never was. The best player ever to come out of man utd was george best, different class football brain wise to todays players.

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Mario,lol. Goalie would prob piss his pants, he'd be scared mario would stamp on him.

Tevez is a much better then mario.

Without tevez coming back in the city side, they would not have won the premier.

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Bayern had all the play and should have won.

Chelsea always try though, and had alot of luck on their side from earlier games. But that's football.

People are probably thinking that chelsea will win it again next time, or win the premier league. Not going to happen.

Luck carried them along way. Won't happen again for along time.

I remember back in the day when the goalie could not move until the ball is struck. How t...

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Grammar is wrong, france international.

Should be french.

3rd place for money spent is actually pretty good.

It's takes ka-jillions for city's and utd's to win titles.

Arsenal have been close many times.

And no NASRI - You played a very small part in that title win, most of the time your lazy at city, you were better at arsenal. Thing is. Wenger would not pay the wages your on now. EVER.

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Why so serious son.

I don't support either team, but i'm kinda glad city won the league, gets boring when it's the same old teams all the time. Hopefully arsenal next. They are due.

Bad defending by city, and arsenal today.

But people need to lighten up. Your life is not at stake, you are not getting paid if either team win.

It's just a game.

btw chelsea will probably lose. They've had a l...

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You people take it way too seriously.

What difference does it actually make to your lives, if your team wins for loses.


Refs get it wrong in every game i've ever seen, wether it's utd,city,arsenal,spurs,chelsea ,fulham, etc.

Refs are only human, but some of them are shite.

As for utd, the dives counted for many points, plus fergursons own stop watch.

I hope city do win ...

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Norwich should have had penalty, and arsenal should have had two.

Awful refs these days imo.

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Although i partly agree with the comments about home grown etc.

It's not an english league anymore.

If you got £££, you got good team.

Nasri - Left arsenal for money, not anything else.

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Watched the match earlier.

Awful ref again.

Should sack all the refs and start again. Something has gone badly wrong.

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Totally correct.

well said.

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That's the point, arsenal play some of the best football and haven't won the titles they should have. Should have won the league before fab/nasri left.

Arsenal team needs more strikers, decent ones.

Chamkh is awful.
rosicky is decent play maker but does not score much.
van persie stats tell the story.- awesome.

With abit more fire power upfront, arsenal will be up there for the title next season.

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utd were outplayed all night tbh.

Could have easily been 2 or 3 .

Going down to the wire then.

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Hopefully next season he'll get those teeth fixed

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Wasnt his fault anyway barca lost to chelsea.

Players were to blame.

both goals chelsea scored were awful gifts.


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I'm english and well done to chelsea.

But seriously barca, wtf,lol.

2-0 up, it's over.

Torres left alone to run about up front, no defender in sight.

First goal good chip, but again where was the defence.

Messi misses were poor, should not miss a penalty ever.

Shocking game.

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Alex Song from arsenal should be in that list.

The guy works non-stop.

Is one of the most used players, sets up goals and defends at all costs.

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Both teams played well.

But although you can moan about utd's defence, everton's defence made alot of mistakes. Rooney's first goal, a complete miss header by ? ,lol.

Serious ball watching going on at times from both teams.

I think city will nick it as i said awhile ago, but should be a good game either way.

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I think chelsea supporters are reading too much into it.

Well done for the win, but barca were all over them.

Just one of those games where the team on top cannot score.

Reminds me of arsenal games, 80% possesion and no goals or not enough. Wigans game is a reminder of that. Was all arsenal and two sloppy goals were given away.

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Good restult for wigan.

But silly sloppy goals let in again by arsenal.

Where's tony adams when you need him, best defender ever.

Wigans first goal was awful by arsenal standards, door wide open, second goal goalie never held it.

2nd half just like late 1st half was all arsenal, but wigan held on.

As for arsene not shaking hands, time wasting was fuking unreal by wigan.

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