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You touch yourself at night


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you're wrong, I live in Spain and everybody agrees that Kaka is completely finished. Just look at him, you can't just make 1 good match out of 10. He's like Ronaldinho was at his final year in Barça...

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LOL excuse me? and the racist chants against Alves at the Bernabeu? Unfortunately this is quite common in Spain (I live here) but from BOTH sides. Don't be so hypocritical

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lmao so sad that the best part is the Barcelona draw xD

poor Real Madrid is not gonna win anything this year, I predict another treble from Barça, they are so brutally superior

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suckers spain is gonna rape Holland hahaha :D


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Germany didn't "look like" Germany cause Spain completely dominated them

Sure they didn't score till Shark Puyol came in but holy shit Spain RAPED germany :D

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haha fuck you we are gonna win the World Cup :D

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Yeahhh my dear Spain goes on... can't wait to rape the Argentinians (I hope :P)

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holy shit england got crushed by the germans :(

I'm from Spain but I'm scared haha xD

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yeah it was a very tough list but I wanted to put players from different teams and positions, and I think Rooney is better than Drogba (although he also kicks ass :P)

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