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I cant see this deal going through my reasons are..

1) United wont be looking to spend 30Mil during the summer transfer window when they can sign 2-3 players which will fit in key areas like defence and goalkeeper not to mention a new midfielder I can see them going for Defour.

2) United already have Owen, Bebe, Rooney, Berba, Hernandez, Welbeck, Diouf (think thats how you spell it). Neymar would not settle for less than First Team and unless United offload a...

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Barcelona has a club have a bright future, they have youngsters in there first time who are already established and they have youngsters waiting to break into the first team that any team across europe would pay top money for. The fans know that these players are young and always applaud them because they know that they are the future of the club

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This is the result the top 4 wanted FUCK YEAH! And hopefully this is Liverpool making a statement for next season

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CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A much needed win and we got it, Man Utd played well but we were more of a threat upfront.

All the same Vidic is dirty! and it was a Great Dive for that Penalty!

David Luiz is gonna be our Future

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+ From a neutral point of view a very good match
+ From an Arsenal fans point of view I dont think they thaught they were gonna lose this match.
+ From a Birmz point of view A GREAT WIN and much deserved they played well against the ties favorites

+ From a Chelsea fans point of view! FUCK YEAH!!!!!!

But it was a Good match!

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Best Football Player of My Generation! Never been another Strike with same Pedigree that he had!

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Yeah none of our Midfielders were really running at liverpool, but there players were all supporting the defence it made it hard to break them down.

But either way Good Result for LiverPool, even though I hate them scousers!!

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Congrats to Liverpool! Defensively they played well and we were Poor only after Torres came back off and we went to a 4-3-3

On the plus, David Luiz looks like a Gem! and we need to get a playmaker! a Kaka or Ozil

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