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No Modric?

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Casemiro balanced the team defensively and gives Modric freedom to do what he does best without having to constantly worry about defending. Modric to me is the best attacking midfielder in the world and is very underrated.

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Who told you it was ISIS? Also we've been winning the war. ISIS latest attacks in Europe were not bombings which means that ISIS no longer has the resources and technology they once had.

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Yeah easiest opponents that eliminated teams like England or Belgium and a team that won against Spain. We won because our players were competent, were a TEAM and they NEVER gave up. France eliminated Germany the same way that we defeated France to become CHAMPIONS but let's just criticize Portugal.


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Lets see what happens in the Champions League.

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Messi will win his fifth Ballon D'or and deservedly so.

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And Real Madrid has a massive debt.

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Weren't Luiz and Silva Brasil centre-backs when Germany scored 7 against them?

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Maradona led a mediocre Argentina team to a world cup win and an average Napoli team to 2 serie A titles and an Uefa cup. Not only that but his career was plagued with injuries and his own personal demons.

Messi on the other hand played in the greatest football machine the world has ever seen and couldn't carry a much better Argentina team to a world cup win.

I'm not going to dispute Messi's skills. He is obviously one of the best players ever but...

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3 years with the players he has on his team?

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That's funny because in the 3 times he won Balon D'or France didn't win a World cup.

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Messi getting the award over Kroos, Hummels, Robben, Lahm, James and Mascherano is an absolute joke... but hey atleast now we know who will win Balon D'or this year.

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He was never a good coach. Yes he won the world cup in 2002 but with players like Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Cafu and Roberto Carlos what coach wouldn't?

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Incredible game. This world cup is providing some of the best matches I've ever seen.

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Ronaldo doesn't play alone and he didn't create those chances alone. He is part of a team. Portugal had the potential to score 4 against Ghana. It didn't happen but it wasn't impossible.

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If Ronaldo was in his best days he would have scored 2 or 3 goals against Ghana.

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Messi stepping up and showing why he is the best in the world.

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Varela to the rescue... again!!

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Agreed He should have been sent of but very few referees would have the cojones to do it.

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Yeah Mourinho when he was Porto's coach. In fact Mourinho was even more successful.

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