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Sounds like Manchester United.

And even the most ardent and strident Man Utd fan knows its true. No point disagreeing or debating it lol.

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if true, £6.9 mil is a much better deal than I ever thought possible

Sell immediately, if not sooner.

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Yeah, seen the movie, know exactly what you mean.

+bubbles for "City of God". One of the finest movies ever made.

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Best player in the world

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If this is a yellow card, perhaps the next morning headlines will have to read "MURDER ON THE FIELD" to get a red card.

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that's all that can be said...

Rooney for Ronaldo?

Like I said, LOL!

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Mass exodus indeed.

The club will soon become a top flight, football training academy. Sinking somewhere to around 6-10th position in the coming seasons at this rate.

We're a feeder club nowadays, soon we'll be punching well above our weight and then the reality will hit us, badly.

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Not even a supercomputer would predict such a transfer.

Money mercenaries. The likes never seen before.

So disappointing, oh well...

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Imbecile. Racism is a serious offence and must be stamped out of the game and society. Don't make light of a serious matter.

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"Kun" Aguero is great, not sure he's better than Neymar though...comparisons can be really stupid sometimes and this is one of them.

2 players I wouldn't mind at Arsenal though... :D

3867d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment Pele he actually doesn' offence but everyone knows the game of football has evolved far beyond Pele's time, back then defending was not a core skill, it wasn't a science either, good defenders were few and far between. He could pack in as many goals as he wanted because the opposition just wasn't good enough.

I'm not saying he's not one of the greatest footballers to play the game, because he is. But his era and Messi's era are vastl...

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Glad to see FIFA focusing on its priorities for a change...

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Poor decision. Yellow card + pen would have been enough. In fact that early just a pen would suffice.

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This is the ultimate sporting drama to everyone but the two involved (seemingly)


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