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IDK, Capello's a bit of an inconsistent one-if he was only about the big clubs why no Sturridge who's at a successful club AND in form? I just don't think he's an international manager and the constraints of not having the team all the time makes him mad so he doesn't think straight.

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As a Chelsea fan it's hard to imagine just why either club would want to risk money on Kalou. Sure, he isn't as bad as a lot of Chelsea fans would tell you but, also, he's just about the most frustrating [player we've EVER had and he's cost us just as many games as he's managed to save us in.

He's only really had one concerted run of good form since arriving all those years ago and he's run out of excuses for his patchy form and erratic calamit...

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Cheerleaders have zero place in football and Barca, as a club, should cringe at the idea let alone flaunt it.

I'm amazed any time a EU sporting organisation bothers with this kind of nonsense-and that's without thinking about how degrading it is to BOTH sexes. Keep this crap out of football.

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He should worry! Alan Smith is a totally biased Gooner commentator and us Chelsea fans have to put up with one of our old players knocking us all the time with bloody Andy Townsend! Hoddle was in the wrong(it WAS handball FFS)but, seriously, what would Jack expect from Glenda?

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If you read more of what Hargreaves is on about you might find his complaint is just that Utd tried to rush him back a bit and IF they'd already rushed him back once or twice before Steadman saw the knee then maybe they could be a little, or totally culpable. I'm not saying who's right and who's wrong but logic isn't always boss of a club when an injury crisis hits as they will do anything to get players back in the squad regardless of whether it be UtD, Barca, my side Ch...

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No-it's because the ranking system is as broken and bent as Fifa itself. The formula just won't work and it needs scrapping. Not that I like international football and it's jingoistic, nationalistic BS and teams lauded which would, no doubt, be beaten by top club sides every time but, you know, broken is broken.

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In fairness, Chelsea could EASILY have come away with anything from this game-they managed a shedload of chances(more than Utd)-and as Smalling was offside for the opener it's easy to see how things could have been different. Utd were just more clinical than Chelsea today and neither team will be happy with the way they defended.

Torres is now doing the hard things with ease and seems just to need to worry about the easy stuff! Game could have ended 5-5 and it would have ...

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OK, way to ignore the question guys. No one's saying Torres has been ripping up any trees since moving to Chelsea but that's not the issue here whatsoever-it's about whether his performance linking with Mata and Stuz was good enough for him to lead the line at OT. I've NEVER been a massive fan of the guy but looking at his stats show the only thing lacking is an actual number of shots(on or off target-he just shoots rarely)this season and the two assists on tuesday were high q...

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Yeah cos only Chelsea EVER have a striker lose form. Birtles at UTD never happened and the 35million on Carrol seems top business too.

Amazes me the way Torres and Sheva (which was an obvious con job)are looked at the same way when Nando's EVERY chance of getting back to former glories. His stats til this Sat were great this season. He'll be dine-not 50 million fine, but fine.

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Same everywhere Sokrates, same everywhere. Hell, I can recall Chelsea and Real also having to sell players(to each other oddly enough) when they didn't want to and with Valencia's troubled finances is it any shocjk a player mooted to be leaving all summer is doing so?

Whatever, I just think there's always been Real and Barca and then everyone else in Spain and it's only going to change(maybe Malaga? IDK just how wealthy their regime really is)when Spain gets c...

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And Kalou? No one EVER rated him to start with! He's just lucky to get so many games but there's a shedload of them around the world!

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Pointless attack on JT. Everyone knows what Terry's shortcomings are but the fact remains that he's about the best captain in World Football. He's a brilliant organiser and talker opn the pitch demanding the best of his team and getting the managers orders across properly.

His "lack" of pace should, were you to listen to his detractors, mean he's entirely useless on the pitch against any forward capable of breaking into a trot so why has he managed t...

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You have to remember, as well, that Spanish sides were starting back even later than EPL teams so I wouldn't read much into a preseason Mata against anyone.

I think I'd have rather Chelsea went for Eden Hazard myself but I guess the greater high level experience of Mata has swung that for Chelsea-and is De Bruyne being signed for NEXT season now? Whatever, Mata's a little bit on and off for my liking and I'm not sure about him playing inside at all-best out wi...

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@Gloomy_Nes-I think he was more bothered by the off hand manner you said "he deserves to be on a better team" like PSG, or virtually anywhere other than Real. I doubt you meant Real are that bad but that's how it could have been read-that's my take on this anyway.

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IDFK-attendance cannot be the main thing and goes directly against(as a means of seeking the best grounds/atmosphere/threatening places to play)what makes a place hard to go to for away teams and fans-sometimes it's the smaller, more intimate, raucous grounds without the "prawn sandwich brigade" corporate seats and tourists that are the hardest places to go and the best "fortresses" in the EPL and beyond.

I'm in a really good position to be able to...

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No, it's not easy and especially hard in a country with some BIG corruption issues that have affected the legal system out there to a large extent with criminals going unpunished for heinous crimes over the past couple of decades. Thing is, I totally understand why Mikel might pay for his dad's freedom but what then? Give the green light for someone to do it again to someone else's dad, sister, kids or mum?

Sadly, kidnapping is a growing menace in countries with b...

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Neville is SO much Mr United, for starters that tralking about, let alone to, Man City and their staff is awkward for him. What makes it more interesting is the history between him and the fans at City over the Tevez issues(and that he tried to kick him to death when they met)etc all add to the awkward moment here. He was VERY critical of all thing Citeh while still at Utd.

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But both Xavi and Iniesta are prone to injury these days with Xavi having chronic issues with his tendons-things that WILL keep him out of a lot of games this season. Given that Cesc can play anywhere across that midfield I, also, think, he's going to end up playing 30-40 games minimum this season for Barca.

People couldn't see where Mascherano was going to get his games but he manages pretty well and with Cesc actually being more talented than many appreciate I think...

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I guess you have to just remember the great performances because if you try and understand what went on off the field for the last two years you definitely won't give Cesc the appreciation his football, at least, deserved. We, in our house, were NEVER so annoyed by a player's attitude than when another Arsenal player moved to Barca-anyone else feel sick remembering Hleb sticking his tongue down the badges throat at his medical? Horrible-glad he flopped there after such a show of faken...

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Aaaand, spent upwards of the past two years engineering his move back to a club which, basically, he SHOULD have been wound up at for undervaluing him to begin with.

He owes Arsenal fans quite a bit, if you ask me. He was a great player for them but the last two years his form was so up and down it's untrue and, from outside, I often wondered where his heart really was. He wasn't the Cesc of earlier years who we all admired as a player, that's for sure. Wenger gav...

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