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The problem is if you look at his record you will see he is more effective when coming off the bench than starting thats a hard one to work out. Little people was like that at untied. I hope he gets a chance and starts to improve when starting but some players are just better coming off the bench.

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Tbh why sould the club get a fine ect if the fans express their greef at something they don't like. It's like the fact saying they will charge a team if their fans sing about sacking their own manager or owners. I love how football has become the best paid sport in the world but it is run and played by some of the most stupid people in the world

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He could yet still be at united as he is still there on his recovery be we know he won't be back until Jan so why give him 250k a week when we can spend it on someone else and if he fully recovers in Jan he could get another contract.

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I have said since the Start that City will fall out of the top 4 in the end as they are not a big enough club and done things the wrong way.

Yes what the owners are doing for the area around the stadium is amazing and cant fault them for it but if you look at the squad and setup at city it is no where near the same as United, Chelsea and Arsenal and with Liverpool Spurs and Southampton all on the way up city need to make changes quick but because they have splashed the cash e...

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I don't think it was unexpected on form. United are the in form team and that showed at the weekend. I have a feeling United will beat Chelsea next weekend too as they are also not playing well. The game that could be the close one is the United Arsenal game in a few weeks time as they are both the inform teams coming to the run in.

I even think Liverpool could catch City if they can keep their head together.

Just think it was only a few months ago peopl...

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I agree with you in terms of squad on paper but what you need to remember is Untied don't have champions league this season and it could work well for them to make a push for the league towards the end of the season. Do I think United can win the League well its possible but I do think it will be Chelsea who will come out champions this year.

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Still don't think untitled will win the league this year this Chelsey will win it by 9 points but I do think united could catch city but it will be a hard task to do that.

I think if United get 3rd and go on a good FA cup run us united fans can say we have had a good season and its definitely progression over last season.

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I don't think he would leave and if anything he played well with Ronaldo last season so if it did happen which I don't think it will why would he leave. For me Di Maria needs to play from the centre not out wide to get the best from him.

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Falcao is injured that's why he did not start. I also have to disagree about the missed chances argument as United could of also won the game if it was not for Chelsea's keeper.
Both Keepers had a great game yesterday and for me they are both the best young keepers in the league at this moment in time.

It was good to see united Boss a big team in the 1st half again and also good to see them keep going until the last minute.

I also thought Gary...

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@b163o1 the reason why clubs not just United fans make a big deal out of City's and Chelsea's spending is because it was not made by the club and have sugar daddys who have paid for the club to be fighting for the league.

United, Arsenal ect all spent money they had made to get the big stars in.

For me the game is becoming a joke though and before long something has to give as everything is just becoming expensive and football in the UK epically has l...

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Your spot on. Not really watched much of the German league even though I have BT sport but may give it a go.

I know English football its the biggest in the world in terms of viewers but I don't like the way it is run.

Football was a poor mans sport when it 1st started out but now its a rich mans game.

For me football should be run by one body and have the same rules and spending agreements as everyone else. I also think caps should be pu...

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For me im starting to lose my love for football. I am a United fan and have been for about 28 years now but even to watch football on TV is expensive. To get Sky sports its £46 a month then add BT sport you need to pay £12 a month on top of that or more depending on how you do it.

I have also been an Ice hockey fan for as long as I have followed football and for me getting something like game centre is far better value for money and you get to see more or less all t...

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What I find funny with football fans is that they are so quick to judge other teams. United have had a bad start to the season but they are only 3 points behind last seasons champions and 4 points of 4th spot so it shows how close the league is at the moment.

As for yesterdays games we saw 2 sides to United. 1st was how different attacking minded we are with the new signings.

United have not looked this deadly attacking since Ronaldo left.


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Im thinking the same but I do worry for them if Costa gets injured. Still think it will be an interesting season but I think Chelsea will finish as champions. I do think City will mess up this season like they did after they won the league the 1st time as they seem to get big headed as champions and think a game is already won before kick off. I also think Liverpool will be the team outside the top 4 and its a fight between United Arsenal and Spers for the top 4.

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I agree I think he will also be back at united next season too. Looking at what is being said online and by Ronaldo.

It would be amazing to see him back in a united shirt and with the stars united now have he would help carry the club for winning the league and champions league.

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I agree. People also forget we have 10 players out too and I think when Carrick is back he is perfect to play just in front of the back 4 where flech played last game and for me we have missed him as he is a under rated player for United. It will be interesting to see how LVG fits them all in the team but I would rather have the choice of Rooney, RVP and Falcao than Hernandez and Welbeck. Hernandez has not done anything since his 1st season and he is not a starting player. Welbeck I really li...

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I'm loving all the negativity about United at the moment. Van Gaal is still building his team and he also has 10 players out at them moment.

This break will be good for United as it gives the places chance to come back and the next game back the team will look different from the 1st 3 games. Also united often start slow in the league and kick on the 2nd half of this season and I don't expect anything different under van Gaal.

Are United going to be w...

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I don't think Mayes was the right man to take over at united as he was too nice to start with. He never blamed the players and because he has not had a history of winning things we could not attract the players.

Do I think he could of won things with united I'm unsure. When we announced Mayes as our next manager I was happy but as the season went on united did not improve. For example look at Rodgers at Liverpool. His 1st season in charge was not the best but you cou...

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I don't think that was the issue for United fan in the team Moyes was picking but the issue for most people was lack of vision and changing his formation and subs when they are not performing. At half time United had not really done much but this is where you see the difference between a good manager and a not so good one. United came out the 2nd half and looked a different team. He also brought Mata on and he made an impact.

Football is not always about what team you put...

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Lol Im a United fan and even though our rivals are Liverpool and City Ide like to see Liverpool win it jut because of the football they have played this year. I still think Chelsea will be the ones who come out on top just because of Mourinho is playing his cards right at the moment.

As an out sider this season I have to say its turning out to be a great finish and I do think there are more slipup to come over the next few days.

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