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No if it stays as it is now and Chelsea beat Liverpool Chelsea win the league, if Liverpool win they will win the league or if Chelsea and Liverpool draw city will win the league that a if they all win there remaining games.

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Yeah I agree even as a Man United fan out of the teams going for the league now ide like Liverpool to win it as the football they are playing at the moment is a joy to watch.

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@xX_Altair_Xx so are City a rubbish team then as they have never got through to the knockout stages? In fact isn't it called the champions league? So by that City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Madrid in fact any team that did not win there domestic league don't deserve to be in the cup.

Olympaiokos drew and beat Benfica in the champions league and also beat United in the 1st round 2 0. Yes Olympaiokos are not in the same bracket as Madrid, Barcelona and B-Munich but no one else ...

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@Gamer1982 at last someone who watched the game rather than the score line. Even the LiverpoolSkySports1 pundit team did not watch the game right. Liverpool were the better team and deserved the win in the end but I don't remember any keeper being troubled until United went down to 10 men.

Liverpool are playing some nice football under Brendon Rodgers but he needs a few players before they can look to win the league as City and Chelsea's squad is stronger at this mome...

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Nnjagoat I agree and I do think there should be caps in football for wages etc but to anyone out there who is slaggig Rooney Ext off if your boss came to you and said they were going to put your awe up would you say no ill stay on what I'm on now?

I also think this spells the end for RV at United as I this he will be sold in the summer Rooney will become our main striker and meta will play just behind him with 2 midfield players ide say Carrick and Fellaini (before anyone...

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I never expected instant success at united with Moyes as there has been a lot of changes and this can sometimes have a knock on effect and it has. For me Chelsea is a game united can lose this season the same against City and the gunners but we should be beating the other teams. The quad is ageing and this happens all the time it took Sir Alex 3 seasons in the mid 00's to rebuild a ageing squad and I think it will take 3 seasons for Mayes too. People forget we have missed key players this...

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Lol love how City fans try to turn thing there way. I grew up with a family all supporting city and its the same old same old with you lot.

TBH its football in general which is what makes the sport suck at times as people seem to want to talk about other teams more than there own.

I am and was not thinking at the start of the season United were going to win the league this year.

I said from the start Moyes 1st season is all about gaining exp...

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LMAO I love city fans they seem to care more about how well united are doing than there own team. Let me ask you a question. How much has your squad cost and you are only 7 points above a United side that is so called falling from grace.

Its still early in the season and united were in the same position in 2001 and we pulled it back to get 3rd.

As I say its still too early to say who will be in the top 4 come the end of the season as at the moment there is o...

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vulcanproject That is what I m tying to say but I do think finishing in the top 3 this season is a big bonus for Moyes but I hope if that happens it will not be by a big gap like how united won the league last season.

What I find funny at the moment is that people are quick to jump all over United and Mayes but if you look at the fixtures we have all played in city have had a worst start then us as they have only had united out of the top sides to play yet they have dropped p...

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Just because he got last seasons champions dose not mean he will come in and win everything again. We all know the united squad needs a few changes and players like reo giggs are past there best. Moyes also needs time to get them playing the football he wants them to play. Also under Sir Alex teams were scared of coming to Old Trafford but now Moyes is in charge they are not scared as with it being under new management.

The other thing is of you look at the players Chelsea an...

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I have to disagree in some ways. People are forgetting Moyes needs to get to know his players before he starts to ship and bring in new ones.
I said at the start of the season im expecting a top 4 finish last 16 of champions league and a good cup run in the fa or capital one cup.

Moyes will need 3 seasons to bring home the league imo. this year to find out what he has next year to bring in how he needs and to get them to gel and year after go for the league.

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I agree it is far from over but tbh I will be happy if we finish in the top 3 this season and have a good cup run in the capital one or fa cup and make it to at least the last 16 in the champions league.

People need to remember moyes needs time to find out which players will be able to play how he wants Unites to play and then in January and the summer he can look to ship out the players he dose not want and bring in who he wants.

For me I think we need to br...

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I agree but what people need to remember is that its new people in 2 of the biggest roles of the club and even though I wanted some big names to come in its nice to see we got Rooney sorted out in the end and one thing Mayes had to do was keep the majority of the squad from last season and not make big changes like Chelsea and city have done as this would put united a step back.

I also think moyes needs a season in the job to see what he thinks of players before he shows them...

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I see why Moyes started Welbeck, Giggs and Cleverly because the others have been out injured and people are forgetting what type of game it is against Liverpool. I thought Welbeck was our best player yesterday but I don't like seeing Carrick and Cleverly play together as they play the same type of football. I think Moyes need to look at dropping one of them for me its Cleverly and play Kagawa as he is more attacking minded and the perfect replacement for where Rooney would of played. I al...

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This is citys issue though they don't have good cover. The biggest issue is Hart though but because he is English he will not get the stick. He is supposed to be one of the best keepers in the world but he is far from it and he is becoming another David james in my eyes on his day a very good keeper but makes mistakes when he should not.

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I have said since the last signing city made they are not as strong as people are making out and its there back 4 and keeper that will let them down this year. Hart is over rated because he is English but he is and has made to many mistakes over the last 12 months and with out kompany at the back they look weak.

I Stull think they are a top 3 side but its between united and Chelsea for the league this season unless city decide to bring in a keeper and Defender to makeup at th...

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every manager dose this but none f them were around as long as Sir Alex so he created more fear than other. We will never forget you Sir Alex and thank you for the success you have brought us and lets all get behind the new manager and bring on the next season.

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Good to see De Gea looking forward to working with Moyes. He was on fire again last night and I see him having a very good season next season at United and showing everyone he is one of the best keepers in the world and becoming the best in the next 3 to 5 years.

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I have said that this season will show us all what type of owners city have and imo not good ones.

Just because they have billions to spend dose not mean they are going to win the league every season. There are times where a team will not win a cup for 1 or 2 seasons when your at the top even SAF did not win the league for 3 years at one point but built a squad up to win it the 4th year.

Mancini has brought 2 big cups to the club in the 3 seasons he has been ...

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Moyes was always 1st choice and the History is showing that. Mourinho is one of the best managers in the world at the moment but he dose not stay in one place for more than 3 years.

United's 2 most successful times have been with managers that have been at the club for a long time and Moyes is this type of manager. He has been Loyal to Everton and had done an amazing job with the resources he has and look at some of the players he has there.

For me as a ...

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