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Find it funny how bitter some people are over Sir Alex.

Have some respect for a long serving manager that has done more for the game than any other.

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I agree. It was a sending off because he kicked out and we don't want to see this in the sport as well but to fall on the ground with a big smile on your face is also not on.

I am starting to hate football for moments like this. Players will go to ground for the smallest things now and hard tackles are now a thing of the past in the game. To me it takes part of the fun out of the game to.

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The Problem with Barca is teams have worked out how to play against them and they are week at the back. If Barca can bring in some stronger players at the back then they will be a lot better than they have been this season but if they don't I don't think teams will go into the games against them being scared.

Should be interesting to see what happens with this team and Madrid at the end of the season. I do hope Ronaldo comes back to Old Trafford though he is just what...

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On Paper city's Squad looks better than united but just because a team is full of stars dose not mean they are a better team.

Look at QPR they should not be in the place they are now but no matter how good players are on there own they need to play as a team.

This is one thing United have had every season since SAF managed to get his 1st cup with United. SAF is by far the best Manager this league has ever seen. His record proves that. He has had different...

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What people are forgetting is this was done 3 months ago and at that time RVP was thebestplayer in the league so I think he will win it this time and bale for the young player

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@krazykombatant well you get some decisions and you don't. We did not get a off site decision when Tevez was in paly for City's goal but we got the decision this time round. Swings and round abouts in football its as simple as that.

Another day Carol could of seen a red. In a way this was more dangerous than Nani's sending off against Madrid but again another day and ref this may not of been a sending off.

People have there own views on everythi...

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I agree. Liverpool are no longer a force in English football. They are still a big name around the world because of there history.

I do think the new owners are going the right way with Liverpool though. hey are not going out and spending stupid money on over paid players. I think Liverpool will be looking to build up a decent squad up over the next 2 to 3 seasons and then start to push of at to 4 finish but this is also harder to do than it every has been before as we now ha...

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@Sameh I have to agree. For me Ronaldo is the best player in the world at the moments as he has proven he can score goals in different leagues and in different teams.

Messi is a world class player there is no doubt about that but he has only done it in the Spanish league and with the best Squad in the world at this moment in time. Ronaldo has shown he can do it in the ESP and Spanish league. If Messi wants to be known as the best player ever for me he need to go to the EPL o...

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I find it funny that all the sitck SAF is getting. He did not do the press interview because he would of said something to get him or the team into big trouble this is why he did not do an interview. How many times have Manager ranted on TV about a ref ect and then gets a fine or match ban? SAF made the right decision not to speak to the press and he also made the right decision no letting his players do it to as things are said at the heat of the moment in any sport and can be taken the wron...

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So did I it was a great finish. My brother who is a city fan said they should put him up front if he is going to finish like that. I think if United win today I don't see City catching united and I also think they now need to start worrying about Chelsea spurs and the gunners as they are now 4 5 and 6 points behind city.

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That's where I think he will go. I think he will be the one to replace Sir Alex after he steps down in 2 seasons. I don't honk he will go back to Chelsea and I think Chelsea will now find it hard to find a new world class manager after the way he has treated the last 3 or 4 managers.

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Lol I think its funny when people come out and say united were lucky in a game. united have been winning games like they did yesterday for years. its not luck its the sign of a good team as they can grind out wins when they are up against it.

city were doing the same thing last year and Chelsea, arsenal, Blackburn, leeds and Liverpool before that.

Liverpool played well today and they are getting better and better every game.

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Tbh I think the owner should now be looking at his self not the managers. Sacking managers the way he dose is never going to work. He has had 2 managers that have won 2 cups and then sacked them the season after.

You can't win the league every season as you have times where you are in a rebuilding stage or players are out or another team is just playing better than yours that season. If you keep faith in a manager and give them time to make a squad and style of football ...

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@buddymagoo I have to say Ronaldo is the better player to. There is no doubt Messi is a world class player but Messi is also helped by the Word Class team he is in. Barca are streets a head of everyone at the moment and it makes Messi's job a lot easer. Ronaldo on the other hand is streets ahead of everyone in the Madrid team and he has also proved him self in the EPL and the Spanish league.

I don't think messi could come to the EPL and get over 40 goals in one season...

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Well done to them and I hope Swansea do the same tomorrow as it will make it a very interesting final.

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For me it all depends on what the fa want from managers regarding the refs to what will happen to Sir Alex.

It was a poor game all round for the refs in this game as they missed a few things both sides did.

I think managers should be aloud to have there say on a the refs after a game but if the ref had a good game they should say that to as refs get alot of stick but not enough praise when they have a good game.

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I am a United fan but I do like Kompany and also Hart at City. For me they are the 2 players that really care for the Fans and the team.

I watched League of there own a few weeks ago and they had Kompany on there and he looked like a decent guy off the pitch.

I do think it was a red card though as he did go in two footed and off the ground but no one was hurt bad in it and if that's what the fa decided to do so be it lets move on and get back to what matt...

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I agree what he has done at his age is amazing but I would still like to see him play in the EPL or in a team not quite as good as Barca.

I know he has to score the chances his team mates set up for him which 8 to 9 times out of 10 he dose but I do feel he is helped by the players around him.

I do think he is one of the best players Ive ever seen but I still feel he needs to leave Barca and show what else he can do without the players he has around him in the...

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I know city have world class players but this dose not bring you sucess. Look at united apart from 99 there team has ways had some week players but the week ones play for the team and also the best players never become bigger than the club.

City are not a big club no matter what there fans say go out side the uk and not many people will know who they are and they are not a club that attract big names. Its the money and high wages that have brought in the big name.

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This is not good for city. ibthink this seasonthey will finish empty-handed. i also think if this happens the manager will get the sack and this is when city becomethe same as chelsea sacking there manager as soon as he dose not win something.
should be an interesting game on sunday but i see united getting the win as pay back for last season.

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