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He is one of the best Keepers in the league imo but he is not a World Class keeper because in the big games for the big clubs he makes mistakes.

Everton is the best team for him to be in imo and I think he is a big player for them but I don't think he is good enough to play for United, City, Chelsea, Mardid, Barca ect.

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I agree with what your saying but having ronaldo, rooney and rvp in our team backed up by danny and little p i have to say there is alot of goals in them (well maybe not danny) but i think this would work out well for the diamond formation saf has tried to play with rvp little p and Ronald up top and Rooney just behind and then another midfielder sat behind him.

Its just dreaming though i dont see him coming back but then again you never know who thought rvp would come to ...

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I think they are both Amazing players but for me Ronaldo is the better of the two because he managed to prove him self in 2 of the best leagues in the world. If Messi comes over to the EPL I don't think he would do as well as Ronaldo did here.

Spanish football is different to the English game and because Ronaldo have shown he can paly in both Messi wins it for me.

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I think this should be done around the world not just in the EPL. They should have a maximum wage for players and once they hit that that's it.

It works in other Sports and it can in football but for it to work it has to be forced on all football clubs in the world.

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I know and im glad all this has happened its raised the cups name.

I really enjoyed the game im a red and although it was nani who made the 1st mistakes that killed us off i was happy how united and chelsea played.

After the crap that was brought up after the game on sunday i expected there to be fireworks but both teams kept there tempers down and even though there could of been a few sending off in the game for mistakes by the younger lads i thought the r...

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I agree was a good game to watch esp for the neutral fans.

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The problem I thought United had was little p was playing form the left in the 1st half and he cant do that. That is where wellback is stronger than little p but for finishing he is a lot better wellback misses too many for me. I think once little p went in the centre of the box he looked good.

Also people are forgetting that we had 2 goals not given for offside decisions and this would of meant the score would of been 5 2 and people would not be saying we were lucky.

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My biggest problem with danny is he dose not put enough balls in the back of the net.

He is a good player but for me to get in front of anyone at united and England he needs to finish alot more chances.

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What is it with Football fans they are the most one sided fans in any sport.

I am a United fan but I like to watch a lot of football and if someone plays well ill say the same as playing bad but all you ever here from anyone when there team gets beat is the ref made us lose or they cheated ect.

City fans or one of the worst out there. If United lose I get bombarded by texts and facebook posts abut how we lost and if we win the same with how the ref helped yet...

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Just because we are not doing well at the back dose not mean anything at this point in the season. United always start slow (Apart from last season) and we have players out and a lot of young players coming through.

If United carry on getting results like they have come November/December United start to show form and a 1st team start so play game in game out.

We are not playing well at the moment but no one is really playing that well in the EPL apart from ...

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You cant put all the blame on the ref. It was a pen for united and they managed to convert it. Suarez should of had a pen but look at the replay and look at how ott he is with his head and because he is known for going down easy the ref thought he was diving again.

As for the red card you could see the ref did not want to send the player off but he had no choice because he was off his feet and caught the player. If Evans had cought the player too he would of beem sent off...

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The Mirror reporting this for a start so I don't think its true. Nani is a good player but it all depend on the day as some days he is amazing and others he is a waste of space. If Nani can start performing week in week out he could walk into more or less any team but he needs to start to up his game for United.

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@b163o1 I never said he was coming back I said I would love to see him back. I would also like to see Beckham back at United too but again im not saying this will happen just something ide like to see. So how are we still living in the past if I may ask?

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I agree ide love to see him back at united having rvp rooney and ronaldo in the team would be one of the best strike force if not the best strik force in the world. I would play rooney and Ronaldo behind rvp though as i still think having val on the right is a must.

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I love comments like this. United another easy group. United get a ease group because of the pot they are in to start with. But even as a red I know when we have an easy group we always make hard work of it.

As for City it will be hard from them to get out this group but you have to play the best teams at some point and what better way to do it than in the early rounds.

City have the Squad to get out the group but they need to adapt a new style of football in...

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I agree if it was not for De Gea United could of lost this game by 3 or 4 goals but as ive said before De Gea is going to be a world class keeper and he showed that last he will come good for United this season.

Everton were very good last night and im not taking anything away from them but im not a worried united fan and I think Everton could finish 5th or 6th.

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At the end of the day he is a world class player and he wants to be winning things and at this moment the gunners are now where near winning the league so he had a choice of 3 clubs to move to in the EPL and they were City Chelsea and United. I think he made the right choice by going to United as he will get games there where at city he wont and im not sure hew wouls fit in at Chelsea.

I do miss the days of Gunners vs United for the title but now its City vs United and if ...

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I agree. I think RVP is the kind of player we need. I just feel sorry for berba Danny and Little P because if RVP and Rooney stay fit no one will get a look in.

If we don't sell berba by the start for the season ide like to see him play centre mid as his passing and 1st touch is world class and he could work well sat behind the front too.

Cant wait for the season to start and see untied bring back home the league. I still think we need a left back but ap...

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@newmonday United won the league in 2010–11, League cup in 2009–10, the Community Shield in 2010 and 2011 so in that time we have won 4 Trophy's.

But back to this story at this moment in time Spers Squad is looking better than Liverpool's and at this moment in time Spers would be the better of the two clubs to go to because of where they have finished in the last 3 seasons compared to Liverpool.

I do think Liverpool will get back into the top 4 or 5 a...

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@theEx1Le I agree they are champions but they are still not a Big club and they have only won the FA cup and League once so far. Also Citys Squad is one of the best in the UK and if he wants to play football City is not the club for him as he is no better than what they have now.

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