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vulcanproject I agree with you on this. After the game SAF said Wigan were the better team on the day and did not make excuses on why we got beat unlike some other manager out there. We should of had a pen for handball but you win some you lose some and tbh I kind of wanted Wigan to win because I don't want them to go down I like there style of football (I was the sane when we played Blackpool last game of last season).
I do think something needs to be done to help the referees g...

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I agree with you im not worried at all as I trust in SAF.

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de gea should also be in this list too. He has so many people on his back yet where are they now? He has been a big player in the 2nd half of the season at United and got us that big point against Chelsea at the bridge too.

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The Gunners should of won by more and I agree Balotelli should of been taken off but he is one of them players abit like rooney who given one chance can make something happen and I think that is why he was not taken off.

I have said all a long that buying big names is not enough to win the league and I said City are not a group of players that look like they are close squad. If you look at United they never rant on the pitch about a free kick ect because SAF holds the final ...

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That was well put. I also hope this shuts up people going on about our squad. Yes we do need a few players for me we need cover for when young is not fit and cover for right defence but other than that we are ok. I think berba anderson and park will go at the end of the season though so saf must find someone to come in for them but i have said all season this is the start of another young united and and yes we will only win the league this year but this team will grow each season and get b...

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I think this was a good result for city as stoke is not an easy place to go and i think united drew there early on in the season too.

I am a united fan and i do think this was a very good poi t for city as it keeps them 3 points behind united if united win tomorrow night plus at this moment there goal difference is better than ours.

I do think it is uniteds to lose but i am not getting ahead of my self. On paper city have the harder run but we still have s...

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Should be interesting to see who city get if they dont beat united to the league. But i have to ask my self if you were a football player playing for Madrid and city put a offer on for you would you go?

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Should be an interesting game. Chelsea are on a high at the moment after having 4 big wins under there new manager and City have seemed to of hit a bad patch in there season which I said they would as every team has them. Both Teams need the 3 points here though as I think if city stay 4 point behind United I don't see them making the points up with the games they have left and Chelsea want to finish at lest 4th and I think if they drop any more points they will not get it.

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I have to agree with you here. I remember the last World cup when we were playing the USA and me and all my mates got into a conversation about how good the Endland football team really were and then got onto the conversation about the EPL and we came up with the consultation the English (as in our selfs) make the league and England team seem batter than they are.

If you look at the best leagues in the world and the best teams for that matter how many English players play in ...

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Hope he pulls through and gets back to playing football again.

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The main difference between United and city is if United are getting beat or drawing a game late on they never give up. We were 3-0 down against Chelsea and it was 1-1 against Norwich yet we managed to get points out of both of them games. Where if city have not been winning by halftime they have dropped points. Yes City have score more goals than united but that is because they have been winning there games by 3 goals or more but if they are not winning by half time they tend to drop points....

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Im not sure its going to get that far i see both chelsea and arsenal getting points off city they were all over the place today and the team was bickering with each other too.

Also why is it people are saying this this the worst united team under SAF? We are top of the league and we have had one of the worst seasons in terms of injured players this season as well as alot of young players in the squad and new ones too. The keeper has been hit hard by everyone this year and ...

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The biggest problem chelsea have is that they now have an ageing squad and when they should of been bringing in a mix of young players to go with the experienced players they did not. Look at all the United teams SAF has made throughout the time at united and its been a mix of youth and experience and this is part of the reason they have been there and there about for 20 odd years.

Owners who have money to throw away are like spoilt kids who want to win everything but they ...

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Wow another England kit its becoming a joke now on football kits. The red top looks quite nice but I'm still going to stick with the England white and black rugby top by Nike as they beat the football top hands down in design.

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I agree with you about the team SAF picked was in experienced but I think United playing in the Europa league this year is a good thing because SAF is giving the new lads a chance to play 1st team football and get the experience in Europe. Yes the quality is not as good as the Champions league but a team like Ajax are not a poor team in anyway.

I know United got beat last night but I thought the team played well considering how young the team was plus I think it shows how goo...

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I am worried about Valencia being out as Nani's for is not good enough at the moment to on the right wing. I hope Young gets his form back from the beginning of the season.

I just hope United can now keep up the run of winning games and Match City Match for Match now and take advantage on when they slip up.

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Yes i did lol thought i put him in there there were also some other players missing but proves the point about the squad. City have had 2 players missing over the past few weeks and dropped points we have had alot of big players this season and are still there with city.

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Well done the reds you are now starting to show your class and shut the people up who keep going on about our squad not being good enough.

Today we had vidic, young, park, fletcher, hernandez, berbatov, cleverley, anderson, smalling and jones all not playing yet you still think our squad is not good enough.

Come on the reds only dropping 2 points in a hard few weeks ill take that. Watch out city we are ready to be champions again at the end of this sea...

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That was an amazing goal but i think zola was trying to do this where palacio was not plus there is a difference in class between these two players.

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I think he was helping it into the box but im sure if you ask him he will say he was shooting. Nice goal though and it dose not matter how you score them in football its about scouring more goals than the other team.

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