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That was a really good game and yet again united showing the never die attitude. I was shouting at the tv for united to start playing the ball up the pitch but no they did not panic even at 3 0 down.

The squad has taken alot of stick over the last few years over the signing of some players but games like this show what they can do and show what saf is like as a manager.

I think this game could be the turning point in our season. The squad is well mixed wit...

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Im sick of him moaning when his teams gets beat. He needs to say well we got away with it at weekend against Spers but today was pay back for that.

At the end of the Day City were out played by Liverpool and they did not deserve to get through as Liverpool were the better team.

I really do think things are starting to get to this guy now he is out of 3 cups already and are getting lucky in the league now so I think its a matter of time before city start to h...

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Why dont city just let him go. He dose not want to be there they dont want him so come to n agreement with him regarding a buy out or selling him.

But i did say when SAF did not sign him there was a reason and this shows SAF made the right move.

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I really think he is starting to lose it now. He cant make his mind up. He says Rooney was out of order for doing what he did but the week before he was doing it and now this time he says he copy's Rooney.

At the end of the day its just a sport but a sport got get very involved with and you do things at the heat of the moment and thats what Rooney did and its what he is doing.

Stop dragging this on now and get back to football rather then talking about a...

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He is an amazing player a d with him and raffa on right with nani and evra on he left united are dangerous. Now with scholes and Carrick in centre united will sart to pickup the points in he last few months of the season. Come you reds lets make it no 20

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Wow United fans really bug me. We lost two games and i was all we need a midfield player and SAF should be sacked but this week its we are going to win the league again. Ive been a red all my life and never once questioned SAF as wha he has dodne to the club in 25 years will never be done again by anyone. We have been spoilt by saf with ehat we have won but for some reason fans sart to panic when we lose a game. People keep saying tthis is the worst united side under saf yet we are join to...

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Tbh boh united and spers have not spent the same amount of money put together and yet both teams are only 3 points behind he so call best team in he world. I think city will end up finishing 3rd in he league with united top amd spers 2nd.

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Wow City fans need to look at them slefs. United won and were winning when you had 11 men. Yes you pulled 2 goals back but you needed to score 3 for a draw and 4 for the win and you did not get any.

The ref was right to give out a red as the rule states a 2 footed tackle is a red. Yes he did not get nani but if nani had not pulled out of the tackle it would of hurt or even broken the players leg. There was no need to go in with 2 feet at the end of the day.


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@vulcanproject I totally agree with you. People are calling this united side the worst under SAF yet its been out best start to the season in along time. We have 9 players out and have a lot of new young faces in the squad and lost Garry and Paul at the end of last season.

I watched Your on Sky sports last night and the amount of United fans that were saying SAF should quit and he has lot it really need to wake up. If that's how you feel then go and support another team a...

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I love the complaing fans. Yes he was just off side but things like this is what makes football exciting. Yes city may lose the league by a point but it will not just be because of this game it tends to even is self out over the season and i bet there is a goal given for city in one pf the next games thats off side or a free kick you score off that was not a free kick.

Football is a game its not real life you lost get over it. Im a red and the way some united fans have act...

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Your right there but what really naffs me off about some united fans is that get knocked out a cup or have a bad season and they start to question SAF. Some united fans need to realise that we can not win the league or even a cup every year it is not possible. We but look at where we are in he league and we have 9 players out at the moment plus this has been our 3rd best start under SAF in his time at united.
Yes I am not happy we are out the champions league but we did not play well...

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The problem with him is that Chelsea play a different game to liverpool and this is why he has not made an impact there. If avb starts to build his own team and brings in players to play with him he will start to score goals again like he did at liverpool but i dont see him being there at the start of next season. I think he would play well at united because of the way they play but we have a good enough front 5 now anyway tha he would find it hard to get into any of the top 6 teams in the l...

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Well this is City's first loss of the season and I have said from the start they will will start to drop points in December.

City on paper have one of if not the best squad in the league but what city fans are forgetting is they are still unproven as a squad. Look at United Chelsea and the Gunners they bounce back time and time again after being knocked down. United are now only 2 points behind City with a week squad and alot of players out.

If City are t...

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We werr poor again tonight only nani looked good for united. We are going throuhg a change over though look how many players were on the pitch from last season and not and thete was a good mix. Young started well but since he got injured he is not quite tbere yet rooney has yet aain had a dip in form just like every season and it leaves nani to do the rest of the work for us tonight. I think we have a good squad but we are very week up front at the moment because we have lost litle p berb a...

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There sure are but i rememnber a few seasons back unied went on a run of 1 0 wins over something like 13 games. If we were to do that again ide be happy. United are looking better at the back this season than city but city are looking better up top but im happy only bing 4 points off them at the mo with the amount of players we have out. City still have the hard part of he season to come yet so should make an interesting 2nd haf of the season as 1 loss and 3 draws will do me at this point....

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I agree with you im a united fan so i know a small team can beat a big team. But what is making me lol about city at the mo is all he fans i speak to at the mo keep telling me city are better than barca and they will walk he league and will grt to the final of he champions league. I keep dont run before you can walk but they wont take it. Yes they are looking a good side at the moment but so were newcastle when they were 12 points clear and so were Chelsea last season at the beginning of t...

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People dont hate city because they are winning. It is because the have come from being a middle to bottom ps club to top four on millions of £ being spent on players and nothing to do with what the club have done. Yes united have spent alot on players but over 25 years and the team has been built and rebuilt on both youth and brought in players.

City have also only won the fa cup so far yet they think they are the bes team in the world and are as good as barca. Just be...

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Lol I thought City were on Par with Barca? Welcome to the big boy league city just because the other teams you play dont have the money you have dose not mean you will beat them.

No lets see how you bounce back against Liverpool at weekend as this is what being in the top 4 is all about.

Also well done Napoli you scored 2 nice goals.

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I have to disagree with you there. Yes the free 3 4 goals a game has now stopped but when we were scoring that many we were letting them in too. United are now looking solid at the back again and this is what wins you the league in the premier ship look at the last 20 years of champions not just united but the gunners and Chelsea they were all solid at the back when they won the league and in the premiership you can't expect to win every game with ease and by that many goals as the lower ...

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I agree with you but we dont really have cover for when he is not fit and at the moment theyare not very good at staying fit.

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