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Messi's accountant.

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No Mascherano was best at Arg

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Japan co-hosted 12 years ago,
Germany hosted 8 years ago,
USA don't know what football actually is.
UK is the only reasonable choice in your arguement.

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I was using it as an example. People always say footballers shouldn't be payed more that soliders. Of course I would rather the money be spent elsewhere but I was just fed up of the same argument.

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Don't see why people are so badly against it. One player could easily be paying £50k a week in tax at least. Enough to pay for 2 soldiers for a year. Do a little more math and the Chelsea first team could easily be paying for 1000 soldiers yearly wage over the course of a year.

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Does the £10m price tag come with a mask too. As I'd be interested to buy the mask of Zorro.

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