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I guess we will have to wait until Christmas. If Giroud doesn't score goals, gets injured (he's had a brilliant start to the season, btw), then I believe Wenger will purchase somebody in January. Giroud has potential, especially when he gets the service he needs as a striker. Don't knock him out just yet.

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I doubt it, for me it seems like Wenger wants to fill the spot that Mannone left which was the 3rd GK spot. Just in case Szczesny and Fabianski get injured, he'll get a chance, but other than that I doubt he'll get any calls to the starting 11.

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I think you should wait and see of what he really has to offer. Well, 27m is way over-priced but he has a really big physical presence like TotalHitman said. He's also a huge aerial threat when it comes to set-pieces. As an Arsenal fan, I did want him as he's a very good CDM, and maybe he'll be just what United needs.

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I wonder if Lukaku had scored that penalty against Munich would he still had gone on loan? It's weird to me because he was obviously above Demba Ba in the pecking order. But this will be good for him as he has still much to learn.

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I think you're wrong. This will bring us closer to the title as long as we will be kept injury free. When Fabregas played alongside Adebayor he made him a natural goal scorer.

With Ozil providing assists (he is rated the player with the most assists in the world) to Giroud I think it will make him a better player thus creating more goals and taking us possibly to the top 2. With a combination of Wilshere - Ozil - Cazorla and Ramsey this will create a very creative midfie...

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Hmm I wonder where he will play. Seeing as Chelsea have a very good midfield as it is.

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It's hard being an Arsenal fan. It really is.. Now all we have to look forward to is buying a couple players and to win against Fenerbahce.. Although with how many players got injured today, I doubt it.

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Obviously Suarez will never go to Arsenal. This to me is all media BS. He hates England and thus will go somewhere else. With Real Madrid already off-loading Higuain to Napoli, they will look for someone like Suarez to replace him. It's just a matter of time of when it will happen.

Will I like Suarez at Arsenal? Heck Yeah.. Will he go? No way.

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That's a slap in the face from Gotze to Borussia Dortmund. Like Klopp said, I'm scared that the bundesliga will turn into the Scottish League, only Bayern Munich dominating. This is like van Persie leaving Arsenal for Manchester United, you just don't do it, it's messed up.

Goetze is spelled "Gotze", a lot of people make that mistake and it drives me nuts for some reason lol.

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I can't really trust until Arsenal officially announce it.

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Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!

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No way, it's better than the La Liga though.

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Borussia Dortmund should have taken all 3 points. Manchester City were LUCKY to have taken a point, Joe Hart was phenomenal. The penalty was cheap as it hit Subotic on his knee before it bounced and hit his arm. Unlucky for BVB. Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid will exit the group that's for sure based on today's performance.

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I hope not, Sagna is one of my favorite at Arsenal. Arsenal need to hold on him because Jenkinson is not good... yet.

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Is it me, or does Ibrahimovic score a penalty in almost every single game?

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Wow, just wow. Anywhere but Manchester City, Arsenal are truly a feeder club to them. Ugh, just what Arsenal need is another top player and captain like van Persie to leave. What is the Arsenal board doing?? Nobody knows..

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Exactly, the Russians always think they are one step better than everybody else. They always think they could just come in and do whatever they want. But still, the media blames the Polish for "attacking" them first. What were they supposed to do watch???

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I hope Lewandowski stays, why go to a team where forwards are abundant and he will be sitting on the bench every single game?

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Exactly, when Greece were up to 10 men Poland took their foot off the gas because they believed it would be an easy ride for them the rest of the game. I have to give props to Greece as they fought really hard after they were a man down.

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Hmmm, so I guess Hulk is not going to Chelsea after all. IMO Hazard is way over-rated.

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