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For the first time in my life I was not happy for a United goal. miserable ref by punishing situation that really was an offside situation. And a totally wrong red card as well.... But United at won this match even if QPR had played with 11 the hole match because we are a better team and never loose these kind of matches.

And now when City lost against Arsenal, I celebrate the Sunday with a bottle of RED wine!!!!

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Amazing what he did yesterday!

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good result this one, didn`t se that. Thought Porto will win at home.

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after been out for so long time (he will not be able to play any matches for Liverpool) I don`t think he is in good match shape when he comes back. Good for United that he is back again when we are meeting.

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One part of the team went together to a common squeeze-out session by Manager Villas-Boas on the sidelines after Chelseas goal. Definitive it was a clear attempt to show the skeptics that the Portuguese still have players on their side, but this was more embarrassing than good for Chelseas and their manager. Some players did go, some didn`t, that shows us the squad is split.

This shows us that Chelsea have big problem (both on pitch and out of the pitch)

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QPR have done many good moves the last year. Maybe this one also will be a success? only turned 20! Didn`t know that. Thanks for the information

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Lampard should have been sent off! Lucky Chelsea!

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happy new year to everyone. A great year for football. A EPL who is going to be more exciting than ever, and Euro 2012 in the summer.

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dream on.....

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I'm shocked people are mad at Evra. He (Suarez) should be punished for this racist comments! This is maybe an isolated incident, but racist is NOT okay, so don`t defend him for this!!
Didn`t he also stole Ghana's chances at the World Cup with his handball? Maybe this will teach him a lesson?

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Great game it will be, but I think Milan will win.

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we will win,
Liverpool vs Oldham 0-1 ;-)

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one of mt dads heros.....;-) but a true legend past away, only 57....

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you should not joke about QPR!

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it should not have been legal!! Where is FIFA. A rule must change this

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didn`t know they were playing this week. Isn`t it international week this week?

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the fact is: No one at his level want to play for Liverpool anymore.... No CL, no chance for the league.....sorry Pools, long time since the 80s.

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Halloween next..."trick or treat"

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Van Persie, maybe the best attacer so far this season. Right now he is amazing and Arsenal is lucky they didn`t lost him togehter with Fab and Nasri

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on days like this, the morst important is 3points!

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