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I dont get why we are going after Di Maria... if we are playing a 3 back there is no place for the winger.... United should be strengthening their core with ridiculous offers for hummels and vidal

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Why spend on a player who doesnt fit the system and when there are far more areas to fix first

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Just to be clear I have no problem with being patient. We don't have to be winning every game BUT.

There is no foreseeable plan with Moyes, I don't see any goal or statement he is willing to make that indicates his intentions in leading the club forward, THATS what infuriates me.

Every game is the same dismal performance. the same wornout tactics, the same bench sulking. Every post game press conference is the same "we were unlucky, i thought we ...

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- How can we trust him with $200 million. He has spent $70 mill on fellani and mata. Fellani is useless and mata a player who's position we already have filled (kagawa). I'm sure if he has his way he will pay top dollar for his old everton players or buying overrated ones that wont live up to their hype.

- Have you seen how he sulks on the bench? I dont think I never saw SAF ONCE with head between his hands,SAF was at the technical line yelling and being a leader. He ...

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I think you hit the nail on the head.

United have go plan at the moment. The ship continues to sink with rivals like liverpool and City undressing them. With Moyes behind the wheel we are destine for a trap door.

At this point Moyes must go if united have any hope in righting this ship

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Moyes must go. Didn't make any changes. Doesn't show any emotion. The players don't respect or respond to him and I don't think he's got what it takes

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as a united fan can we petition to transfer him

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How much longer will united continue to fall before someone steps up and does something? Why was Kagawa taken off so early? Why was ando playing ? I'll continue to support moyes but his team selection is awful...if we don't splash big in the market for d man and midfielder I'm not sure we will make ucl next year

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What an awful game... Smalling bad, Vidic/Ferdinand bad, Young Bad, Fellani and Carrick below average... they let city trample all over them

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Yet another team that made better signings than united....

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Sorry Jakey I would have rather saved the cash for the next window... What a waste . If he isn't bringing anything special to the table, what's the point... At just under 30 mill we could have picked up someone way better .

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Disappointing to say the lease, Fellaini is an above average player ... Not top class. Other clubs have strengthened with younger and much higher quality talent while we look stupid with thumbs up our butts buying moyes old hit squad

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meanwhile United buy Bull$h$@ Fellaini.... good for arsenal but for F sake what the hell united

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Im So furious im shaking... Why on earth would we waste 24m on a subpar player??? We let players like Ozil go to arsenal and we get a second rate BS player like Fellaini...I would have rather swallowed my pride and walked away with nothing before wasting my money on this wanker

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I personally think Welbeck is better used as a Winger. He has great pace and can really challenge defenders... just not the goal

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when your teeth are as big as his, he will probably still be teething into his 40s.

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We dont panic because we know we are awful. we have 1 or 2 world class players and everyone else is apparently a squad rotational player.

the fact we have so many athletes and we cant produce any soccer players... dissapointing

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Lol 3 of the 10 are City players. seems they just want to buy every talent. Before the season i was actually worried that Garcia would be a good addition for them

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Not to take away from his performance but his curled goal should have been stopped, Anders played it pretty poor. Third goal was kinda fluky too

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I dont get how this guy keeps winning silverware. he has got to be the most overrated player to win all of these trophies... yea he was good years ago.. but thats long gone

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