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Robben, you diving pos. how is he not banned from FIFA yet?

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Lol Brazil and Argentina. Germany or Netherlands got this cup.

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Am I the only one that think neymar is stupidly overrated? He's no where near messi.

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Spain got their asses handed to them. I still think neymar is over rated but Brazil played really good.

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No you are not.

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Did you see why they tied right? The freaking ref gave them a penalty when the defense didn't even touch the guy.

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What a bunch of whiners. Mexico has a Nazi like salute too. Its an official salute to the flag.

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You are right. I gotta agree with you. He does have the talent but it's nothing from what we see in players already. He's not a top scorer. He needs to go to Europe to get the good training and we shall see what happens then.

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I feel like he's an overrated player. Hulk is better than him.

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Barely edging Mexico? what? Mexico have been beating them in the last 3 or 4 games.

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I love manchester united. I would like to see this guy prove himself and score more for the team.

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I was wrong about USA. Good game, Tim Howard saved them.

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Mexico will most likely beat them pretty bad.

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I'm not counting them out. Its just that there will big teams ahead of Brazil. I know that being on their soil will help a lot but you can't deny that they are a weaker team now.

Hulk is the big star in Brazil and maybe neymar but look how many passes hulk gave and nobody did anything. Brazil still one of the best but not like they used to be. Mexico did a lot of damage to their ego and hopefully they humble up and become a better team. Also they need to work on the...

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My biggest concern for Mexico is European teams. Germany, Spain, Italy are very strong teams.

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Doubt it. They got Spain, Germany, Italy and now Mexico ahead.

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Amazing game! Mexico deserved the win.

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