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How is Catalan economy compared to Spain?

They could become something like the Azoroes Islands are with Portugual, or Hong Kong with China.

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@Ben Dover
The first goal was a foul outside the box, no question, but it should have been a red card.

The second goal was offside.

As for the elbow that Kuyt got, i didn't find any intentional on it, and no one knew at the moment that contact made a wound, i though he was faking it at first until i saw the blood.

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Also the cleats were heavier, the ball was harder and it didn't travel very long, and the grass field was harder to run.

Today the game is made to be faster and to last longer. I am sure that those old stars would be better playing today's game than the other way around.

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Maybe Brazilian Ronaldo, but Zidane is one of those player that they are truly call play maker, there are very few in football.

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Come on people! Bayern wasn't even shooting on target, and only a few of them got deflected.

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