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I did not like his face, so I stood on it.

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It should have been, elbow in the head. Took player out and scored.

As for Conte. He inherited that team.

Same as mourinho did before him.

Ranieri built Chelsea.

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Leicester started well, but were caught napping on set pieces.

Also Leicester need to do more then thump the ball up to Vardy, They got away with that a lot during last season.

They need to move the ball around more and make space.

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Costa gets away with murder. Could have had second yellow for play acting.

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Comical amount of money.

He is a decent player, but not worth that much. Heck nobody is.

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Why would anyone let that midget bully you. rofl.

Mourinho gained success at chelsea from the team raineri bought.

He has to spend millions upon millions.

overrated idiot.

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That's a fair enough headline. Trouble is.

Ramsey is out and the link up play between him and bale will be gone.

If bale is two player marked. Wales will struggle.

And if Ronaldo and nani don't connect. Wales will win.

Will be an interesting game.

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At least he isn't sniffing someone else's

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Glad someone else will win it.

Shocked at Liverpool winning last night. wtf.

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I wouldn't say that.

Arsenal played the counter attack. Problem is. It's pure pressure all the time. They defended well for most of the game.

Difference is, Barcelona took there chances, Arsenal did not.

Players were not closed down early enough, messi is allowed too much space.

It'll be b.Munich that beats them.

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Watched the game.

Stoke committed 25 fouls and no fellow cards. Ref was comical and arsenal should have had pen.

Almost as bad as the ref in chelsea's game that added another 2mins of extra time so they could draw.

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Benitez wasn't a good manager when in the prem,lol

As for players, Messi is better then Ron.

Ron is a sprinter with some skill.

Messi is a dribbler with more skillz.

Neymar is decent, not better then bale imo.

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It's been proven it can damage development of the mind at a young age.

I grew up playing football until I was in my late twenties.

I'm not saying it did me any harm, headed the ball all the time and they were much harder back then,lol.

Today, they are softer, football boots are more like trainers, and the men fall over like pansies.

Much has changed, watch a game from the 70's 80's they were men.

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Was a very good game and i'm actually surprised that Arsenal defended very well and played the counter impressively.

Both excellent goal keepers as well.

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That had me rolling up. +1

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Costa is a piece of dirty inbred shit.

Chelsea can only win through cheating.

Disgusting team.

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You don't start a game with giroud. He doesn't add enough.

Walcott should have started with ox and sanchez.

imo theo should be middle, sanchez left, chamberlain right all up front.

PACE !!!

Behind ozil, coculan, ramsey

Then best defence with best goalie.

Wenger thought it would be an easy game.

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Chelsea were lucky to get 3 points.

Soft goals were scored by chelsea and penalty miss as well from wb.

What i've seen is there is no fear against chelsea or other teams anymore. i.e Arsenal,Man utd, City.

Watched city's game, were everton more decisive in front could have been a different result.

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Real Madrid will win CL

Here's how the Prem will finish.


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