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Loved seeing Chelsea get beaten.

I'm an Arsenal fan:)

Yes Arsenal are Down 3-1. But Arsenal have the skillz to turn it around.

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lmao comical.

Ron wouldn't even be able to budge the rock let alone pick up him.

The rock would crush little ron with ease.

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I wouldn't say that was a very good performance. I think it's more down to the fact that Southampton were woeful in front of goal.

Either way thanks Liverpool.

Arsenal Nicely into 3rd:)

City will win the league right at the end. Mark my words.

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City will win the league.

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Because he has struggled this season.

But Arsenal will finish 4th.

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He's an animal, just like a lot of the Chelsea squad.

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That's what happens when you leave fab on the bench for most of the game.

He is the play maker.

Spurs out
Chelsea out
Man city out.

Liverpool hanging on.

Man utd hanging on.

Arsenal today.

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Then he should watch and learn from the best player in the league. Alexis Sanchez.

The guy's work rate is nothing short of awesome, makes goals and scores goals.

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Tbh As much as it's 3-0. It's kinda flattering.

That game could have easily been 3-3.

Sterling isn't a striker and balotelli missed chances as well.

Utd are playing better then they were, but along way to go.

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BS, he wants 150k a week and he is holding off.

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Problem is, most of them are not true football supporters, they go there for the violence.

People kill each other over the most stupid of things.

Football is one of them.

Religion is the worst, made up gods by Man with no evidence of none of it.

All of it should be banned.

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Problem with arsenal. There is not enough quality players that can be used in rotation, so again tons of injuries.

Strength in depth, that is why Man Utd used to win titles non stop and currently why Chelsea and City have been doing well.

Managers also need to know what players are really just to be used for lower quality cup games.

Wenger will go if Arsenal do not reach the Top four.

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Wenger needs to go. It's a simple fact he has lost the plot.

Arsenal were on top for 90% of that game, yet although the first goal of utd's was offside. Fellani should be sent off for trying to look like he is from the jackson's in the 70's.

Arsenal are just throwing games away.

Ramsey, cazorla have gone to pot.

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Defence is all at sea.

That is the problem with Arsenal.

There are new signings coming.

But I cannot understand why Wenger loaned Jenkinson out. He is better then chambers and faster as well.

Mertesacker should be controlling the defence but doesn't.

Swansea did well, but Arsenal should have killed the game off after going infront.

As for the title, Chelsea have played well, but are using dirty...

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Chelsea will slip up. But if Ref's keep helping them out. Then maybe not.

But the games you pointed out are the games you must win and as i've said before. The christmas period is where the fun begins.

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I watched the game yesterday and I don't support either team.

Chelsea is a very dirty side, COSTA should have been sent off before the goal. Cahill hand balled it.

But Liverpool were guilty of some awful defending.

I wonder if they learnt that from Arsenal.

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They should offload Rooney, and hopefully England will as well. Because until they do, they will not win anything.

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CL is not shit.

But it should be 50% youth ENGLISH players.

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Fair result and the best one for the prem league.

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Rooney is nowhere near one of the best players, overrated more like.

As for di maria, I get him confused with roland rat.

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