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I watched it.

Was a decent game. Anderlecht played very well.

Arsenal wasted some chances as did Anderlecht.

Crazy finish lol

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Messi and Ronaldo are excellent players, but without the impressive teams around them, they would struggle.

Ronaldo has played in the prem and proved himself. Messi hasn't.

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Was an excellent strike, but alot of ref's would have stopped that,lol.

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What bothers me is. Black people moan about racism and all walk around calling eachother Ngs.

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Not from what i've heard.

It was also in the sunday paper.

They stopped showing the part on tv. They only show the initial strike, not the ball over the line and then pushed away.

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Except for the goaline tech that failed on the night. The ball passed the line. Arsenal were robbed.

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Bales nothing special imo.

A striker who scores goals, never heard of such a thing. I thought they just did workout's all day instead of actually shooting.

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Messi looks like a little midget. lol.

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Which begs the question. IF and I mean IF all people originated from Africa. Then why do people from all these places hate eachother and why do races not mix well.

That is interesting. 1.8million years old.

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Genuine italians are not black.

Genuine English are not black/brown.

It is not their people's place of origin.

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United Attack is fine.

But the defence was awful.

But the penalty should not have been, that was a clear 100% foul before on the utd player.

Claternberg has no place in prem league, cannot ref to save his life,lol. Awful

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Your the son of a pig farmer. Congrats.

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Yeah welbecks miss was poor, but his movement was good.

Sanchez played well.

Dortmund were very good and played fast and fluid as a team.

Arsenal were poor early on, Defensively not upto scratch. Mertesacker isn't good enough. Tall but so slow. Arteta shouldn't even be on the pitch.

Arsenal need a strong midfielder like yaya toure.

And a better central defender.

But the formation wen...

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I would have preferred Him over wellbeck at Arsenal,lol.

Can't be any worse then Sanogo,

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Burnley could have won that.

When UTD come up against a good team there are in deep shit.

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Sunderland had enough chances to win that.

Utd are awful, when they come up against a top 5 team, they will get slaughtered.

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I'm surprised someone he has bitten hasn't Punched him hard in the face and knocked those front two teeth out. That's what I would have done.

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Rooney's crap

Not sure why he would be on there anyway.

Put some decent players on it.

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Attacking football?

Germany attacked but at a much slower pace which is the reason they struggled to score.

Argentina parked the bus first half aka chelsea style.

Messi was good in snatches, not player of the tournament NO WAY.

Either team could have won in the end, but overall Germany deserved it.

Good game, but not great.

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Brazil are not the quality of years gone by.

Some players need dropping and they need to bring others through. Don't know whey FRED was there at all in any game. He is awful.

Luiz is a dirty arsehat anyway. Elbows ppl all the time and does worse for chelsea.

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