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Not really.

30+ goals. Not many players do those numbers in a season.

I don't like the guy, biting ppl is fuked up.

But at Barca, he will have quality around him constantly and be supplied all the time.

Barca will be champions next season 100%

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Don't worry lads.

They've already etched in GERMANY.

Argentina won't be able to live with them.

4-1 to Germany final.

Get your money on.

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After watching argentina and holland play.

World cup is easily germany's.

Holland played too defensive and threw it away.

But make no mistake.


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Watched the game in horror.

Germany are a good side, but were made to look amazing.

Brazil were all at sea from the kick off.

Midfield were nowhere to be seen and the defence, well what defence.

Brazil were a weak team going into this and only go through being host nation.

Reminds me of england games years gone by, they beat one team and everything thinks they will win something.

Luiz is a very ...

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It was a good match.

America did well, although outplayed for many periods of the game. But it seems americans are really embracing the game and the team they have is a good start. They do need much better strikers and in a country that large, I don't think they will have a problem finding them.

Belgium have a good chance this year. But I think Colombia are going to take some stopping.

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He's about as good as fred flintstone.

He is crap.

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Sadly with or without suarez uruguay would not have progressed any further. The Real teams are playing now.

As for England. Decent set of Players that have not gelled together yet. Early days. Not much was expected. Most of it was positive. Gerard caused the last goal and hart was awful in both games.

That Brazilian goalie is what a goalie is meant to be. Stand up to strikers, not lay on the floor, lmao.

World cup belongs to France.

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I've watched all the games.

America have done fantastic considering there are no massive players. i.e messi,van persie,robben,etc. A pure team affort.

Something England could have done with.

Ronaldo missed tons of chances against ghana, Just like France missed chance after chance, but they are through.

I said earlier italy were not good enough, but Uraquay won't be winning anything.

As things stand. I...

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He is in DEEP SH!T

Lengthy ban and thrown out of world cup.

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Spain played with no urgency or tactics in the first two games. They were the poorest I've ever seen them.

I think Holland played well, but against a poor side.

That's what's hard about the worldcup, if you get it wrong early, your out.

I've seen them all play now.

Germans can be beaten with Speed.
Brazil, Shut neymar down. They will struggle.
Holland Need Robben or they will find it hard.

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Sorry but no.

Italy are not good enough.

And will be beaten by Uruguay.

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Sturridge took on players and has alot of skill, england need more like him. How was that a lucky tap in, england created more chances, and were unlucky in both games. Suarez was standing in an offside position and got a LUCKY flickon.

As for the comment below. HART has been awful in both games, he did not even put his hands up for Suarez's second

But the real problem with England is it's centered around Rooney.

Wilshire was...

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Wow some of you are really full of it.

England had plenty of chances to finish the game. rooney hit the bar, had a good shot saved.

Uraguay should have had a man sent off for the blantant smack in sturridges throat.

First goal was poor defending, and second goal he was standing offside and got a lucky flickon.

Uraguay won't be winning anything, neither will Brazil and neither will italy.

The world cup is...

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Sorry Torres is a crap player anyway. One of the most overrated.

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Can't see Brazil winning the world cup.

Spain are now out, nowhere near good enough. Torres is just as crap as he's ever been,lol.

Chilli were nothing special and still beat a poor spain. Spanish goalkeeper was awful.

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I thought portugal were a shambles in defence. They never bothered with germany's wide play.

Pepe was a complete idiot. But the play acting before that was world class.

Portugal started slowly and germany were already in their stride.

The USA/Ghana game was a good game. Ghana should have won it. They had chance after chance and could not score enough.

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Sorry but England were guilty of poor defending for the second goal. Awful. That ball could have only been played into him. Cahill was poor.

Pirlo was decent as play maker.

Sterling was the best player imo, Rooney is out of position.

As for Italy, I don't think they were anything special and with a more attacking side would have been beaten.

There are better teams.

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That was a shocker.

I'm from uk and although i support england, have always thought holland would do well, but never did.

I thought they played very well second half, but mediocre in the first. Although persies goal was very good.

I have to say this. Spain looked painfully slow at times, will have to see next game if there are other problems.

But the imo alot of those goals were caused by.

Spains goalie,...

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Defensively they were too slow, but that first goal should have never been considering the ball left the pitch by a mile. That is more worrying. Poor linesman,ref etc.

Yellow sterling should have had, got the ball but slipped as well. But still a silly danagerous tackle. But if I was sterling I would have chinned valencia for grabbing the neck.

Chamberlain played well.

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Can't stand him or his ex.

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