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Good game spoilt by the ref and linesman.

Arsenal should have had penalties.

Silly early goals to give away, they need new defenders.

But great comeback and could have had more towards the end.

Hull had a good go at them.

Well done arsenal.

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Arsenal would suit hazards style of play.

The only trouble with arsenal is attack is too slow and long winded.

As for Chelsea. They are a counter-attacking team, but also run midfield in alot of games. Torres should have gone ages ago. Not good enough regardless of scoring.

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Poor defensive display from chelsea.

Penalty was so so.

and the other goals were mistakes by chelsea.

But Final will be interesting.

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Bayern did not have a clue, and the defence was woeful.

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And he would be correct, we are all monkeys. It's a fact.

Groups that stick together thrive. Neanderthal man were are not.

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not eating cheeseburgers before a game might help.

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Chelsea do it often.

I don't want them to win it, mourinho is a moaning nub, Don't know how lucky they have it. Comes into a side already built.

I don't support liverpool or city or man u, but i'd prefer liverpool to win it, haven't won nothing for years.

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Chelsea needed a goal at the very least.

Atletico just need a win or draw and that's it.

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It's not over yet.


Any of them could win it.

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I wouldn't say they got lucky.

Wigan did nothing tbh, Arsenal have lost their confidence from big games.

They need some new players to inject pace into their game.

And a top striker.

They deserved the win.

The penalty might not have been given in some games, he was already stretching and would never have got the ball. But a silly tackle anyway

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Too many injuries to arsenal.

Ozil has been overused since coming to uk. Completely different speed of game.

Arsenal had plenty of possession, but no major attacks. Giroud is awful.

But that is the worst defence i've seen for sometime. The second goal was lmfao. 4 players and not one of them went to him. Gotta love steve bould's defence.

I really hope wenger and bould both go.

Pair of charlie browns....

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I'm an arsenal fan, and tbh i'd prefer liverpool to win it out of the other teams.

They are playing very well and deserve a title.

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He hasn't got a clue.

Wenger must be friends with him.

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Surprising. Should be mandatory.

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Moyes needs to go, but at what cost. Massive contract.

UTD need to rebuild from the start.

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Arsenal were awful. But for one reason.


The guy has no clue about tactics.

Chelsea have a strong midfield, so you have to match up to it.

Wenger did not change the side for the spurs game and if anyone is honest, spurs deserved to win that game by a mile. They had arsenal in their own half 90% of the game.

So wenger plays the same side against a better side that scores goals and is leading the prem. ...

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City did not play well enough, and the same goes for Arsenal.

Although robben is a dirty cheating fker.

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Considering arsenal beat them at home last year, i can't see them getting destroyed.

As for the last game. Robben's goal should not have counted. Had his leg high and studs showing. No red card or penalty should have happened.

Refs these days are pussies.

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City started slowly. Think they could already see the semi final. Nasri got angry early one smacking the ground.

CITY in the second half had chance after chance and should have won it.

But Wigan tried hard.

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I find when a PL team plays barca,madrid. They try like them.

I think if PL Teams played at the pace of the english game, they would have alot more success.

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