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bye bye

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You lot must have been watching a different match.

Arsenal was outplaying Bayern by far for the first 30mins.

Ozil took a poor penalty. Missed chance.

Robbens leg was too high and were that on another part of the pitch, would have been a freekick the other way. Instead a penalty was given. And down to 10men.

Arsenal then decided to defend and try to keep it low. 2-0 isn't bad considering. Pep was worried and should be. were ...

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Know how city feel.

Arsenal sending off, robin's foot could not have been any higher with studs showing. Was not a pen. Not in a million.

Strange both city and arsenal down to 10. and both lose 2-0.

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Why do you think Ferguson retired.

He knew the team was at the end, and would have to be completely rebuilt. Persie papered over the huge cracks.

I think tomorrow is going to be a big backlash from arsenal.

But it'll be interesting to see how both teams respond.

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Awful performance by arsenal.

Deserved to be beaten.

But first goal was offside.

What surprised me more was the fact that Arsene Wenger did not play gibbs at left back.

Just looked sluggish.

So another weird game. Man city held as well.

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I don't want him back.

Traitor much.

he left when arsenal needed him, and if he wants to come back, just because we are

No thanks.

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Just no.

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It's possible, depends on the mood at arsenal.

As for the City game, I don't think Chelsea stand a chance, But as well as scoring tons of goals, city are leaking a few as well. Depends how well chelsea can defend and score when needed.

Both should be good games.

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I think city will hammer Chelsea.

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Utd missed strikers.

First goal was deflection.

Wellbeck is a second rate player.

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Actually felt sorry for blackburn.

They had alot of play, moved the ball about well. But had nothing upfront.

City played better second half, and once the goal came it opened the game up.

It's an interesting season this year, cups as well.

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Spurs defending?

Utd had clear cut chances and missed most of them. Spurs missed quite a few of their own as well.

utd's goalie was to blame for the first goal, awful.

Same can be said of utd's goal. Goalies fault.

As for the game, it was open and either team could have won it.

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No just no.

Ronaldo runs at defenders who back away. Does a step over.

Henry was a much better player then Ronaldo ever was/is/

Messi is a better player, might not have the speed of Ronaldo, but has the most important thing. Brains.

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Without him, Liverpool would be much further down the table.

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Glen hoddle is the only choice.

capello could not order a piss up in a brewery.

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Liverpool have got their attacking speed back. Hence goals.

Spurs are in deep shit.

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Was a great game.

Could have been a draw.

City played great and so did arsenal in places.

Some awful decisions by the linesman, and a pen not given.

It's still a very open league.

I still think this.


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I don't think Man u will be winning anything this year.

The team isn't good enough.

Premier league belongs to either.


In that order.

I'll also say that i think Man u will get beat tonight 3-1/

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I think he should go in the jungle.

Celebrity get me out of here.

He loves biting things.

On a side note, he's a very good player!

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