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Why is it dumb.

The guy isn't becoming what wenger believed he would be. Walcott is forced off the ball too often and struggles to take players on. Even though he has the pace to do so.

Walcott does best against lower tier clubs/

Bendtner is an awful waste of space.

As for Arsenal, they do need to spend. When the squad is doing well, you strengthen it more.

Something Wenger should have done when he had pe...

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Arsenal have a few players returning, But still need a £40million striker.

They should get rid of bendtner and walcott.

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Actually that's incorrect.

England were the best team in the world during the 60's 70's. Along with brazil.

Today England is not england anymore. Most of the players that play in the prem league are not english. Hence there is a lack of quality players.

As for the chile game, England were on top before the goal.

Germany will be the real test. And it'll be interesting.

As for the best england m...

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Worst i've seen Fulham for some time.

DefenCe was awful.

Suarez is a good player though.

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I'd say the team is making the difference.

Playing well together. I wouldn't say 100%

Still sloppy at times, but doing well so far.

What Ramsey has been doing for arsenal is shooting from outside the box, have a dig at goal. Just like arsenal players years gone by. You can't always pass into the net.

I still think we need another striker.

Walcott needs to go though. He's not strong enough.

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I wouldn't say utd won last season because they were great.

Other teams were poorer, this season, utd,city,chelsea are all struggling.

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But tbh at the momment, Moyes will be the one crying. I doubt he'll be there for a second season. Utd not doing too well tbh.

They won't be winning any leagues this year.

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Yep, Walcott still not the player people were expecting.

He should have scored 2 at least.

Teams i most felt sorry for today.

Stoke clearly outplay man city.

Fulham wasted so many chances as well today.

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Was a very good move.

Ozil played very well at arsenal. It's like he has always been there.

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Chelsea and UTD are not the forces they once were.

Don't count your chickens.

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Challenging for the title again ARSENAL.

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How do you work out Arsenal don't like getting near the top?

City beat by cardiff,lol. Yet westham beat them 2-0?

Liverpool beating utd is massive.

Chelsea i don't think are there yet.

This season will be very close.

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Arsenal should have closed the game first half.

Second half spurs came on strong towards the end when arsenal ran out of puff due to alot of games.

Now ozil is in the team, it's going to be fun.

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Most of man u are.

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CITY AND UTD won't win the title this year, both are not good enough atm.

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How is urging, ordering,lol

Stupid headlines, they couldn't even beat chelsea,lol.

what a boring match.

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Well done cardiff.

Hopefully chelsea and man u will be a draw.

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Bale cannot goto france, as they will chop him up and eat him.

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bye bye.

He had some good matches, but overall wasn't good enough. Chamakh was useless.

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Bale is an ok player, nothing special.

Spurs will finish 6th.

Utd will finish 3rd

City 2nd

Arsenal 1st.

All players are overpayed twats.

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