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Messi come to Arsenal, lets see what you can do.

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I thought he was a decent player and tbh wasn't used enough.

Most overrated player is walcott. Half the time he hasn't got a clue what to do with the ball, he's no

Bendtner scored important goals when used and has a good footballing brain. and Hleb was a stupid idiot for leaving. Not quite sure why he did. He was like dennis bergkamp.

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You have to replace quality WITH quality, we'll see how things turn out.

Also you must mix young with old.

Should turn out ok.

There were parts in that utd game that arsenal were ontop. Missed chances. But defense was weak.

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Of course it was a poor display in places, but there were time when arsenal were on top of play.

Defence was a joke and that is the major concern.

But the penalty was bs, utd's players would fall over a

Wenger spend 100million, or tell the board to fuk off.

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Arsenal could do with the help

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Strange then Rooney that you've never got that score before and most games between arsenal and man u were always tight.

Hopefully now arsenal will spend and there will be a decent game.

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They sold nasri to city and sold fab to barca.

They need quality but also quantity.

Look at city, spend spend spend.

They have a good chance at the league this year.

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Weak team, hopefully for get wenger to buy buy buy.

Arsenal need quality.

2 midfielders, 2 strikers and 3 defenders.

Not sure he's going to get that with time running out.

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He has joined the cry baby team.

waaaaaaaaa waa

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Yet another arsenal traitor.

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Nani is a whinger, not a winger. Very overrated player.

Overmars was the best winger. once upon a time.

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Seriously for all their troubles it could have been alot worse.

one goal was lucky as hell and the other was very poor(ball watching)

Trouble with arsenal is, they buy cheap and turn these players into great ones, and then they leave.

But wenger should have already spent that 35million on another player or two.

Tell nasri to go to city.

Chamack is pub team player, arshavin needs to soak his head and...

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Mourinho is a pussie who's never played football in his life, rofl.

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FAB is a traitor. muahahhahaaahahhaha

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Chamakh should be sold, he is not prem material.

Udinese will lose 3-1 next game.

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Exactly, Fab and Nasri could have won the title last year, and if they stayed would have a great chance this year.

When fab moves, he'll hardly ever get a game at barca.

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Seriously shows it's all about the Money. Nothing to do with what club you play for anymore.

Nasri leaving for CITY says it all.

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Gerrard needs to leave liverpool, is wasted.

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All footballers are a bunch of overpayed, little girlie muppets.

They don't have any respect for clubs, they just want £££££ £££

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fab i'd have thought you want to win a championship through hard work. Not being gifted the titles.

Barca are a great club and love watching them play, but some of the cheating and decisions that go on are a joke.

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