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FIFA 13 Trailer: Watch Glimpse of Future Classic from EA Sports

BR - EA Sports has delivered a trailer for the upcoming FIFA 13 just in time for soccer geeks and video game nerds to descend upon E3.

The two-minute spot has me as giddy as a fat kid that hears the ice cream truck coming down the street. The best sports franchise will unleash yet another chapter, and here is the video that will wet our collective whistles.

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buddymagoo2173d ago

Same game as Fifa 09 but as always I can't wait!

I'm currently 1st division in the Online Head to Head seasons on Fifa 12. How is everyone else ranking???

HxCGamer2173d ago

won the league title numerous times man haha I wish the game would rank people on the w/l ratio instead of points(based on how often you play).
I have to always buy the FIFA games, the little tweaks actually change the game a lot + roster updates

HxCGamer2173d ago

oh and I'm sure you are watching the eurocup... Lewandowski would be a sick buy for ManU

Corepred42173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

I never thought being in the 1st division was a big deal. I got their pretty easily. Got bored of it actually. Been playing pro clubs with my cousins a lot lately. Recently got into the Ultimate Team part. Hated it at first but now I love it.

I'm on PS3 if you wanna add me: Strokums

Edit: If you have FIFAaddiction on facebook, the updates they want fixed are pretty spot on: fix gameplay on rain/snow pitches, fix sweaty goals and fix that thing where your goalie kicks it from a goal kick the midfield heads it back up to a forward and you defense is no where to be seen. As much as I love FIFA it can be infuriating! lmao

Golden_Dive2173d ago

Add Me Kurdx615
Want to go head to headd

b163o12172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

My username on PS3 is exactly the same as it is on this site...

Just say 11x2 in the subject line so I can add you.

Anderson82172d ago

yea all those are big problems.. throw ins need to be re-worked as well and so does your keeper just watching the ball roll out for a corner

Anderson82172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

i dont think its the same as 09 the improvements are always drastic i think..

same div1 won with like 8 titles.. are you ps3 or 360?

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