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Uefa drop proposals to impose strict penalties on clubs that breach financial fair play rules

Following Manchester City's announcement of £195 million loss, the European governing body has dropped plans to impose penalties on clubs who breach the new terms.

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buddymagoo2403d ago

If ever there was proof of corruption.

kulka2403d ago

I wonder how much did they pay him it is a joke to have such idiots in charge of football

KingPin2403d ago

why the hell?!!

so basically now what they are saying is, spend spend spend some more. even if you cant afford it spend to keep hold of your top players before rich-but-no-so-hopeful teams <man city and that russian club, azhi something something> take your players.

now i really feel for the smaller clubs in europe.

the whole point of this penalty thing was to reduce the costs in football to keep smaller clubs in business which isnt a terrible thing. you look at every league, there are only 4-5 rich teams in a league of 20 clubs.

in other news -
Racism needs to stop but bribery may continue.

krazykombatant2402d ago

Thats simply ridiculous, UEFA and FIFA are the most corrupt sport organizations out there. CORRUPT not greedy. That would be the NBA players association.