Fergie - Evra ready for Anfield

SkySports- Sir Alex Ferguson insists he he would have qualms about playing Patrice Evra at Liverpool in the FA Cup later this month.

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buddymagoo1991d ago

Feel sorry for the abuse Evra will get at Klu Klux Klanfield.

kane_lfc1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Funny because the KKK hated foreign people and most of are team are foreign.


GJ231991d ago

Funny because the KKK advocated white supremacy and most of your team are white.

I'd like to know where you got these figures from. Did you throw a bunch of words together and hoped it made sense? Did you just make it up?

Either way, you are wrong. Again

Starting to become a habit, isnt it...

buddymagoo1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Kane likes to make things up, FACT.

Killzoned1990d ago

Kane will be at anfield chanting the N word along with others! Anfield bringing racism back

NewMonday1990d ago

KKK also don't like South Americans and we have plenty.

but the bad thing is racism is turning into a joke, we have all had our fun with this saga so lets just drop it and move on to other banter.

Anderson81990d ago

Manchester United brought back Paul Scholes, Arsenal brought Back Thierry Henry.... Liverpool brought back Racism

kane_lfc1990d ago

Where not racist, we only hate Mancs!

That stats of OPTA.

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dcortz20271990d ago

I see what you did there.. haha. I can't wait to see how Liverpool fans will react.

NewMonday1990d ago

their were "racist bastard" from stoke fans at Anfield, the Liverpool fans took the high road and didn't react.

kulka1990d ago

sorry buddy but this was misunderstanding Terry's one was way worse the club is certainly not racist this was the first time in a long time Liverpool player was accused of racism...

NewMonday1990d ago

don't fall for the trap, they don't even believe in what they are saying, they just want to wind us up, pity they turn such a serious issue into a joke.