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Now we just need Pellegrini to sign for City.

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Money talks

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Well we now know who isn't winning the PFA award.

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Love how Ferdinand pushes him over and then forces him back up, why did he even need to make contact at all?

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What a strike by Modric though, keeper had no chance!

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Exactly, if anything City are Chelsea lite

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Good to see Arteta is back

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First goal was a joke, definite foul on Coquelin in the build up.

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Good! Now Wenger can use the remainder of the transfer window to buy somebody without having to worry about Walcott's future

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So in other words he's saying he wont buy anybody

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Sweet Jesus does Mannone suck or what! Can't wait for Szczesny to start playing again.

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Fair enough for Wilshire Wenger should have taken him off before the inevitable but no that second challenge by Cleverley was bad enough to be a second yellow he should have been off.

Edit: And no i'm not denying Arsenal were thoroughly beaten today. Even if Cleverley did get sent off like I feel he should have, Arsenal would have probably still lost.

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United completely deserved to win that, Arsenal were so poor today damn. Santos continues to suck more and more...

Seriously though what complete b.s that Cleverly escapes red while Wilshire doesn't. Jack definitely deserved it but Cleverly should have gotten a second yellow too before he was subbed.

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Well Rooney should have seen red in that game too, so no it's not even.

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Should have been 3 pens... Clear handball by Keane not given, it even hit both his arms. He should have been sent off as well.

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Yeah coz everybody knows United never scores offside goals or last minute winners during Fergie time...

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Plus he's gonna cost like a gazillion euros

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And they chose that ref because they thought he was good... Smh

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Wellbeck's diving is getting ridiculous

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Good goals from Arsenal, new signings finally paying off.

And Suarez needs to stay on his damn feet more, dunno how many times he was on the floor whining

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