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No trophies in 2011-12 but Manchester United remain world's most valuable football brand

The Premier League giants lead the way as English and German clubs are on the rise, whereas Italian and Spanish teams have been affected by the Euro crisis.

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Corepred43906d ago

Lol whatever makes you feel better.

b163o13906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

There looking for any reason to justify there season, and how City owned them.......

Nes_Daze3906d ago

Not a fan of all, but they're still a BIG club, and you can bet next year or pretty soon that they'll have another trophy. You can't expect them to walk away with everything or something every year, football doesn't work like that.

PaPa-Slam3906d ago

I'm not a fanboy here, but despite poor performance and no Trophy to rub add a star to their reputation. Manchester United still is the most brand-able name in World Football.

I agree, they do seem to be the most valuable name in the world Football, despite failures.

shadowraiden3906d ago

lol love all the man u haters here.
oh yeah city really owned united who was 2 minutes away from winning the league with one of the poorest united teams in the past 20 years so add 1 or 2 players and nobody will come close.

United are the biggest brand because ferguson knows how to manage them not just as a manager but also as a businessmen.

their is 2 reasons why united are interesting in Kagawa from dortmund first is obviously he has talent and should add to a midfield needing a creative player while the 2nd is hes south korean which like park means united sell alot of merchandise in asia where the real money is since most of asia supports man u the money they make is on a different level in brand wise.