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New FC Barcelona Kit 2012-2013

FC Barcelona and Nike have presented this morning the new kit which highlights the first kit that blends the blue stripes and maroon.

In the new FC Barcelona kit for season 2012/13 the scarlet and blue stripes are mixed to give the shirt a fresh and daring. For years the Club has taken the best of his youth and has merged these young stars with the best players, so that the team includes youth, tradition and creativity, qualities that inspire the new kit for season 2012 / 13 and presented this afternoon at MACBA. red collar

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jak3y13oy3646d ago (Edited 3646d ago )

It's very unique indeed, but i like it! ;D

Corepred43646d ago

I thought this is what Nike was going to do with their kits. Make them look cool and make me want one. Instead so far this is the only really nice one I've seen. Not the yellow one though that one just looks like crap, color wise.

oli3646d ago

Neither of them look appealing to me.

Mozilla893646d ago

That orange one, wow...

Nes_Daze3646d ago

I like this one, and the orange, and the blue, heck I need to stop by one of those online football stores and order some when they come out.

PaPa-Slam3645d ago

Same here, i like the 1 in the Image above, i'll probably get 2, 1 for myself and 1 for my Brother.

Golden_Dive3646d ago

Home kit , sorta like PSG -

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