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Chelsea defeated United and City in the fight for Eden Hazard?

As some English media claim, Belgian midfielder Eden Hazard will not continue career in either Manchester City or Manchester United, but in the ranks of new European champion Chelsea.

Hazard will certainly leave Lille at the opening of the summer transfer window, and so far the only question was in which of Manchester clubs , but it seems that the situation has changed in the last few days.

In fact, Chelsea is involved in the race for his signature and, according to some sources, they are the ones who will get 21-year old football player in their ranks for something less than 30 million.

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jak3y13oy3781d ago

Yeah yesterday he was going man united.. tomorrow he will go to man city...
i'm not believing any articles about him until after the England vs Belgium game.

no_more_heroes3781d ago

well, he'd certainly add defensive discipline to his game...

goku323593781d ago

Haha I'm a Chelsea fan and that made lol.
+ bubble

buddymagoo3781d ago

Go to City! So over rated

Hazard: apps 192, goals 50, assists 38.
(Int: apps 26, goal 1).
Kagawa: apps 198, goals 86, assists 45.
(Int: apps 30, goals 10

Kagawa did this in a much harder league.

b163o13781d ago

Isn't Kagawa rumored to come to United? Lol. I can care less if Hazard goes to Chelsea or United, there the ones in need of improvement in that position.....

zeddy3781d ago

theres a reason why everyone is after hazard, stats dont tell the full story.

buddymagoo3781d ago

I must have seen him play in at least 20 games and he is good but very over rated. I think Nani would look like Ronaldo in the French league.

Gamer19823779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Kagawa isnt leaving his club and utd already had 2 offers turned down as for comparing them that's unfair the guys 21 years old! Most them apps came when he was in the youth side! Hes only been playing for Lille in the main squad for 2 years. Kagawa is 23 as for a harder league? The open to debate.

I think your slating Hazard now because he's supposedly not coming utd. But to be fair its still unknown where hes going media are speculating.

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