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Manchester United's Bid for Dortmund Star Reportedly Rejected

Manchester United will have to dig a little deeper into their summer funds to complete the transfer of Borussia Dortmund midfielder Shinji Kagawa after the Red Devils' €16 million bid was denied, according to the Guardian...

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ProjectVulcan3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

It was probably rejected, but we knew Dortmund were going to drive a tough bargain for this guy and want something like 20 million euros, where United offered 16.

Kagawa it seems wants to come to United, United clearly want him, and he only has a year left on his contract so it is still most likely to go through.

I think they will be in intense negotiations. Dortmund will want to get the most money possible but he may also say he will run down his contract if Dortmund do not accept a reasonable offer from his club of choice.

Manchester United seem to be the only serious bidder right now, so Dortmund may be pressed into the sale by the player and his agent otherwise risk losing him for nothing in a year.

FlashXIII3648d ago

This is hilarious that they are holding out to get paid more.. considering how they took advantage of J-League contract laws and completely screwed Cerezo Osaka by buying him for just 200k.

Gamer19823646d ago

I don't think they are holding out for more they want to keep one of their best players. They won the league last year and they don't need to sell. Of course if they get offered an amount they cannot say no to say £40 million then they would have to sell but 16 million? That's just laughable!

FlashXIII3646d ago

16m for a player they brought for 200k? That isn't laughable to me. Besides he's in his last year of his contract, it's clearly obvious he wants to move on so they might as well cash in now. They sold Sahin last season for less plus Madrid even got Ozil on his last year of contract for just 15m.. that's how it works.

J5Feedback3646d ago

As a United fan, I would absolutely love to have Kagawa. Talented player.

But what the fuck are you talking about.