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BREAKING: Brendan Rodgers agrees deal to become new Liverpool manager

Brendan Rodgers has agreed a deal to become the new manager of Liverpool Football Club.
The 39-year-old is understood to have agreed a three-year contract at Anfield and his appointment is likely to be officially confirmed within 24 hours.

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freeduck3836d ago

Mentored by Mourinho, studied in Spain and Holland, hard worker and ambitious. A risky appointment but a bold move by FSG. He's got my support I really hope it works out for him. I hope we can hijack the Siggurdson transfer now.
Like this guy more than Martinez.

Now who will be the new DoF...

no_more_heroes3835d ago

There's apparently going to be three of them. How is that gonna work?

NewMonday3834d ago

not 3 directors, but splitting the job into 3 catagories, one for managing stats, one for negotiations, one old guy with deep contacts in the footbal world, the manager shouldnt have to bother with all this

zeddy3835d ago

directors of football dont work. comolli is just one example.

ProjectVulcan3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Directors of football are a waste of time if you have a strong organised manager and staff behind him.

Lowest profile Liverpool manager appointed since Evans, and Evans ended up being eased out anyway.

I hope he doesn't go the way of Hodgson with the fans turning against him, because he is young and has a lot of his career ahead of him.

freeduck3835d ago

Note that the fans wanted Hodgson out after poor results, not before the season started.

Most fans were supportive of him until a couple months in where the results were so abysmal and inconsistent. His only wins came at home games, so you can argue that the fans at Anfield helped the team then and kept Liverpool away from the relegation zone.

Hodgson could only blame himself for his negative tactics and playing defensively, blaming the fans is a ridiculous excuse.

buddymagoo3835d ago

If they now go on to sign Britton and Allen they will finish top 4 but I doubt they will with all the midfield players already on the books

ProjectVulcan3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Fickle fans. Hodgson was never really given the true backing, time and the money unlike Dalglish. The fans always say that the owners didn't want him either, but in truth the fans turned against him very quickly and wanted him out.

To say the fans didn't play a part and blame it all on Hodgson is really the ridiculous statement.

The fact is 'King' Kenny's results and indeed league form were just as poor if not poorer, except Kenny had the luxury of blowing an absolute BOMB on the squad and 18 months to make it work whereas Hodgson DID NOT. Dalglish's reign was much more of a failure than Hodgsons for this reason.

'King' Kenny has wasted nearly all the money the owners brought to the table, which is going to be a far more severe blow for the near future of the club than anything Hodgson did in his tenure.

The Liverpool fans under Hodgson still assumed that they had the right to be a top 4 club with a mediocre squad. It wasn't until they kept backing Kenny until they realised they had that mediocre squad still and were no where near deserving of a top 4 spot.

The fans pressured Hodgson because Kenny was hanging around, they suggested the job was beyond him. The fans treated him abysmally. I only fear for Rodgers if he does not do miracles.

freeduck3835d ago

Stop being ridiculous. Hodgson's sacking was due to HIS results, not the fans. He was entirely at fault and if he really cared so much about the fans, why didn't he work harder to get better results? He was just inconsistent it was infuriating.

When he took the job he knew two things
1) There aren't a lot of transfer funds
2) Dalglish offered to take his role

If he couldn't cope with that, why did he take the job? Clearly the fans were upset Dalglish wasn't the manager but that didn't cause outrage from the fans and protest outside the stadium, etc like at Blackburn.

If Hodgson had the funds he wanted, he would've bought players like Carlton Cole. His signings were also terrible. All of them, except Jones, were shipped out the following summer because they all had no future at the club. Tell me, would you trust this man with transfer windows?

And besides that, he played players out of position, insisted on playing Konchesky instead of Aurelio, played Torres with another striker, and long ball tactics. The defense was abysmal. All this changed under Dalglish.

I'm not going to argue this anymore because you don't know what you are talking about.

ProjectVulcan3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

You are ridiculous to deny it. Hodgson was in charge for a mere 31 games. The fan pressure was enormous, and the campaigns to remove him are well documented. Anyone denying it had no clue whatsoever of the situation.


But most obvious is this:

All these show that the writing was on the wall so early no thanks to the fans, who had come in for justified criticism in their pressure on Hodgson- pressure for NOT being Kenny Dalglish. I didn't say he couldn't cope. Liverpool fans did.

In hindsight now, we know Hodgson was NOT doing such a terrible job with the means at his disposal. Dalglish has proven that, by spending a fortune and getting absolutely nowhere- Liverpool have settled at the level their squad is worthy of even after the vast sums spent.

Kenny replaced him, the ignorant fans choice. Out of touch with the modern game, with piss poor signings. He spunked an absolute fortune and for that did a far worse job than Hodgson who was clearly forced out by fickle stupid fans believing they had the god given right to a top 4 place. This from a liverpool fan site is brutal reading for people who are blind, chastising Hodgson AS YOU DID, and not really criticisng Dalglish at the same level when he really should have had more. Blind, blind fans.

Maybe, just maybe, Liverpool fans will wake up and smell the coffee that they are not a top 4 side, haven't been for years, Hodgson was just doing the best with what he had and Dalglish could do no better, in fact probably worse all factors considered.

KazumaKiryu3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )


Usually your posts are sound and insightful but no offence mate this time I don't think you know what you'r talking about.

First of all the fans weren't fickle at all. In fact we were patient with uncle hodge podge despite being disappointed with his appointment. We knew exactly who he was and how his team was going to play i.e. defensive hoof-ball and that's one of the reasons why we turned on him. In fact he turned on us first when he mentioned the protests (against the owners) at the time and said that it doesn't help.

Liverpool's league form declined for a number of reasons. Kenny was never the owner's choice and given the fact that his previous signings weren't working out they refused to back him during the January transfer window. We needed another striker, DM (for the injured lucas which is, in my opinion, where our league run in pretty much ended) and maybe an AM. Despite all this, the football we played sometimes was phenomenal to watch and we were just unlucky/rubbish with our finishing. The fact we created so many chances and were labelled as the side with the 'worst conversion rate' shows we were making some progress.

The owners did not bring any of their own money to the table. It was money generated from the sale of torres and other players. I accept though we did pay way too much for our players but I know one signing we had no choice as tottenham had already tabled a £30m (or thereabouts) bid for Carroll so we had to go over that.

Hmm I agree we are a little arrogant in thinking that we have a right to 4th place but the fact is the squad inherited by hodgson was virtually the same squad that Rafa took to 2nd place only two seasons before. I think masch, arbeloa and alonso were missing. So no it was not a mediocre squad at all. It was hodgson's dinosaur tactics that caused the team failings. The squad Rafa had was not designed for hoof-ball.

Kenny was around before hogdson and we wanted him after Rafa was unfairly sacked. It was only right we turned on him when he started talking about the fans in a negative way.

If Rodgers were to play attractive attacking pass and move football and the players gave it their all I guarantee you the fans will not turn on him. We have the players so I don't see why he can't do it, especially after witnessing his Swansea team.

ProjectVulcan3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

TBH KazumaKiryu i don't really have to reply to your post because everything i have said speaks for itself, the links speak for themselves and they back up my argument heavily, with sources drawn from pro Liverpool figures and pro Liverpool sites.

My opinion is reasonable, thought out and not alone, not even in circles of Liverpool fans which is enough for me to feel comfortable with my claims.

My point that Hodgson did no worse, if anything Dalglish did more damage makes plenty of sense. As backed up by my last link from that Liverpool fansite which also makes points among others of the incredible pressure and expectation Hodgson was under from the fans and the board. Which apparently didn't exist according to freeduck here. That is rose tinted glasses at its worst.

Rodgers will have a better start and a better setup, but he will be working with scraps essentially. He'll have to be given YEARS now to make Liverpool challengers.

If the fans aren't so vindictive like they were with Hodgson and more realistic, then Rodgers will be fine. But i still fear for him because of his experience or lack thereof and the expectations on his head. I don't want to see his career tossed on the scrapheap after 12 months because Liverpool didn't get 4th in his first season. He can make them play pretty, but if the results don't come the whingeing will begin and he will get the boot. Dalglish always defended his results by claiming LFC was playing well, but that couldn't save even him!

The fans need lynching if they do not get behind him, accept there will be rough times ahead and accept now only miracles can return them quickly to the top 4.

Time is what he needs, and full control. He has the latter, lets hope the fans give him what he deserves

KazumaKiryu3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

You do make some fair comments but do you really think hodgson was the right man for liverpool? Trust me when I say this as I watched every one of his 'football' matches, the man was using outdated and unattractive tactics in nearly every game. We could see exactly where this was going and we knew we had to get rid of him.

hodgson, the man appointed by the two cancers bleeding the club dry with debt. He was one of the last pieces of their reign to be removed from our club and good riddance. In my opinion, this is where the dislike for the man stemmed from. He had no chance from the beginning.

Anyways, enough arguing lol. I agree the fans should back Rodgers and we will :) I just hope he brings back Aquilani

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Anderson83835d ago

you should be happy his teams play passing football better than arsenal and he has an eye for a good player and a bargain.. should do well if given the time and money to clear out all the dead wood in your squad

nirwanda3835d ago

He hasn't done enough for me yet to warrent the liverpool job, he did badly at reading, and has done well with a team Martinez put togther at swansea, yes he plays good football and i hope he does well only time will tell.

Anderson83835d ago

he's done well enough i think, some1 has to take a chance on him or else he'd never get a crack at a big job and ppl would be saying he hasnt done enough for ever..

KazumaKiryu3835d ago

Looks like van gaal is sports director and segura as DOF I think. Probably got them mixed up lol.

kulka3835d ago

Good luck to him now is his chance to prove himself at a big club. I just hope we won't have to sack him by christmas.

Sahil3835d ago

Welcome to Liverpool Brendan.

I'll be right behind you.

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