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buddymagoo3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

After going 1-0 up Poland relaxed like they had already won the game and then when Greece went down to 10 men, Poland lost all discipline and just stopped playing.

Was really rooting for the poles as well, as a home nation.

Nightfallen3630d ago

Exactly, when Greece were up to 10 men Poland took their foot off the gas because they believed it would be an easy ride for them the rest of the game. I have to give props to Greece as they fought really hard after they were a man down.

jak3y13oy3630d ago

I thought it was a quality game and what a great way to start the Euros!

I agree with buddy, Poland seemed to look uninterested and Greece took that and got their goal back (which was terrible goalkeeping by Szcezney [however you spell it))

Also, I feel bad for Papadopolous (another name hard to say and spell -.-) The first foul shouldn't of been a foul let-alone a yellow card and the second he was basically falling over anyway.

Bring on Russia and Czech Republic! :D

freeduck3630d ago

Yeah it was a crackin game, 2 red cards and a missed penalty

Golden_Dive3630d ago

Who Missed the penalty kick and who were the two that received the red cards.

PaPa-Slam3630d ago

It was a great 1st game, 2 red cards, 1 penalty missed & a couple of unfair decisions by the Referee.

I think both the players did not deserved a Red Card, there wasn't any fouls committed neither by the Polands Goal Keeper or Greece's Sokratis.

Greece would have won it easily, if only the Captain didn't miss that extremely easy Penalty.

zeddy3630d ago

as soon as i saw that spanish ref i knew there was going to be a red card.

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