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Other side of football;Brutal fights between Russian and Polish huligans on the Warsaw streets

Ahead of the match of the second round,of group A, in Warsaw has been a few fights between Russian and Polish hooligans, together with police, according to unofficial information some of them are seriously injured ...

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kulka3889d ago

The whole thing was a joke. To start The Russians decided it was suitable to have a Russia day march in centre of Warsaw, where they carried Soviet Union flags. And with the bloody history of Poland this obviously provoked an attack from the Poles. Same would happen in England if a bunch of Germans carried Nazi flags in the centre of London.

Nightfallen3889d ago

Exactly, the Russians always think they are one step better than everybody else. They always think they could just come in and do whatever they want. But still, the media blames the Polish for "attacking" them first. What were they supposed to do watch???

FootballZilla3889d ago

Yeh they were suppose to watch. If it wasnt during the eruo then i wold be diffrent.