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Highlights: Netherlands 1 – 2 Germany ( Euro 2012 -- 06/13/2012 )

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(0-1)Mario Gomez 24'

(0-2)Mario Gomez 38'

(1-2)Robin van Persie 73'

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lugia 40003624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

This is going to be amazing.

Germany needs a draw to guarantee first place.
Denmark needs to win or to depend on Netherlands.
Portugal needs to win or to depend on Germany
Netherlands needs to win for 3 goals to Portugal and Denmark needs to lose.

This group is going to be tight. I kinda predict Portugal and Germany pass though.

ProjectVulcan3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

I think the Dutch will finally wake up in the final game because they MUST WIN it now and changes will be made to the side, no more Van Bommel and De jong together, it'll be Huntelaar and Van Persie up front.

I reckon they will beat the Portuguese but it may not be enough, because the Germans will happily play out a draw with Denmark if it means they both go through. West Germany v Austria 1982 World Cup springs to mind. Denmark v Sweden 2004 too....

Errr doncorleone- try to READ what i said. If the Netherlands win then of course Denmark can just draw. I also know the matches are played at the same time, but this is 2012, not 1960. The scorelines are usually known inside the stadium in seconds. If the Dutch are 2-0 up and looking fairly comfortable for the last 20 or 30 minutes then there would be little desire from the Germans to attack Denmark heavily and vice versa...

doncorleone3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Denmark can't afford to ''just'' tie, as if portugal beats netherlands, they would be out. And don't forget the matches are played at the same time. Anyway, my brain is hurting me right now just by being aware of all those possibilities LOL crazy Euro.

BryanBegins3624d ago

You are really delusional in every one of your post. Denmark vs Sweden played out the draw? Are you freaking kidding me? yes it ended up in a 2-2 draw eliminating Itlay, but if it was planned, wow, just wow, these two teams should write Hollywood blockbusters then.

freeduck3624d ago

Portugal and Germany to go through

First half was abysmal for Holland, could not believe it

ProjectVulcan3624d ago

You know what? I think the Danes can go through. Lets just say that if the Dutch are winning which i think they will, and the Germany- Denmark game is still even, Germany will be in no mood to try and score more and possibly let the Dutch through. Germany know a draw would be enough for them to win the group and put Netherlands out at the same time...

kulka3623d ago

I think holland will beat Portugal but Danes will draw with the Germans so for me Germany will top the group and Denmark will also progress

Nes_Daze3624d ago

I was hoping they would win against Germany, hope they at least beat Portugal.

lugia 40003624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

I dont see that happening. Portugal easily won to Denmark (not that much because Ronaldo was terrible at this game) and Portugal could have easily tied with Germany.

Netherlands fairly lost to Denmark and to Germany.

FootballZilla3624d ago

Yeh i agree Portugal and Germany deserve to go through.

Nes_Daze3624d ago

I think if they wake up they can certainly beat Portugal. So far in this tournament we have not seen Netherlands play up to their full potential, they are certainly not the same team I saw get 2nd place in the last World cup.

doncorleone3624d ago

Good match, building the hype for day 3 in group B. Question:What happens if Portugal loses 1-0 to Netherlands and germany beats Denmark? Who would qualify?

lugia 40003624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Pretty sure it would be Portugal and Germany, which are the teams with most goals scored on the group until now.

EDIT: Nevermind I see what you did there, that would be:
Portugal: 3 - 4
Denmark: 3 - 4 (Assuming 1-0 to Germany)
Germany: Qualifies
Netherlands: 2 - 3

Either Portugal or Denmark, but assuming Portugal won to Denmark, Portugal passes, but I might be wrong.

For Netherlands to have a chance they need to score 2 against Portugal and Denmark has to lose.

Taken from Euro 2012 Rules:

Equality of points after the group matches
8.07 If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group matches, the
following criteria are applied, in the order given; to determine the rankings:
a) higher number of points obtained in the matches among the teams in question;
b) superior goal difference in the matches among the teams in question (if more
than two teams finish equal on points);
c) higher number of goals scored in the matches among the teams in question (if
more than two teams finish equal on points);
d) superior goal difference in all the group matches;
e) higher number of goals scored in all the group matches;
f) position in the UEFA national team coefficient ranking system (see Annex I,
paragraph 1.2.2);
g) fair play conduct of the teams (final tournament);
h) drawing of lots.
8.08 If two teams which have the same number of points, the same number of goals
scored and conceded play their last group match against each other and are still
equal at the end of that match, the ranking of the two teams in question is
determined by kicks from the penalty mark (Article 16), provided no other teams
within the group have the same number of points on completion of all group
matches. Should more than two teams have the same number of points, the criteria
listed under paragraph 8.07 apply.

wantedboys3624d ago

if Germany won 2 or more - 0 then Portugal will qualify if Germany won 1-0 both Portugal and Denmark will have same number of goals

FootballZilla3624d ago

Do holland have to win 3-0 and hope for a germany win over denamark.. or will 2-0 be enough..

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