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Oh Harry! You Really Deserve What You Got

The Busywire Writes: Tottenham Hotspur confirmed the sack of Harry Redknapp some few days ago and I was particularly happy to receive the news. Certainly, it is not a mark of disrespect for a manager I once held in very high esteem but because it was a move needed to save and protect the future of football. I actually thought I was the only one who had the feelings that Harry should no longer perform in the capacity he once held in Tottenham for four years, but I was entirely wrong as the club’s chairman also thought in the same way I did. Call it a bluff, I could really care-less about that.

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I agree, his uncertainty on the England job cost Spurs in the end. You either want the job or you don't. Unfortunately for him he dragged it on for too long to the point where the FA lost their patience.

shadowraiden3626d ago

and how did he drag it on either way he was going to be made out the villain.

he did what any other manager would and said its england job of course he would take it but at that time he was still manager of spurs he said he couldnt say anything due to respect of his current employee's.


Thats odd, when Capello was in charge of England, Redknapp had no problem saying how gladly he would take the England job and what an honour it is, but when Capello quit, Redknapp distanced himself from the job and said he doesn't want to think about it.

Spurs end of season slump was caused by Redknapp, if he just made a decision to leave or stay as soon as possible, Spurs would have gotten on with their season without that massive distraction.