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Euro 2012: The telling statistics that damn England

30 Cristiano Ronaldo has had more shots in his first four games at Euro 2012 than the entire England squad (29) had at the tournament

20 Italy had more shots on target in their quarter-final match than England had in total in their four matches in Ukraine

88 England conceded more than twice as many shots to France, Sweden, Ukraine and Italy than they had against those teams

39 England had on average 39% of the possession in their four games, their lowest figure at a tournament since Euro 1980

29 Ashley Young and James Milner put in 29 crosses in the four games. Only three reached an England team-mate

300 England averaged 300 passes per match. The four semi-finalists have averaged 479

15 England completed only 15 passes in the 15 minutes of the second period of extra-time against Italy

18 England's most successful passing combination against Italy was the goalkeeper Joe Hart to the substitute striker Andy Carroll

115 Andrea Pirlo had more passes against England than England's four starting midfielders had against Italy

18 Mesut Ozil has created 18 chances in Germany's four games. Steven Gerrard, England's most prolific chance creator, has made six

102 England ran on average 102km in their four matches. Italy ran 7.5km further on average per match

86 England have had the most tackles in the tournament, with Steven Gerrard's 18 the most of any player

29 England have blocked the most shots at Euro 2012, 17 more than Italy, 19 more than Germany, 21 more than Portugal and 24 more than Spain

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KingPin3615d ago

ENGLAND - on paper they strong, on the field they the most disappointing team tournament after tournament. FACT!!!

p_bateman3615d ago

England are not strong on paper a lot of overrated players who can't pass a ball.

Thats probably why there's no english players playing abroad who wants to pay double the amount for someone who lacks technique.

To bad for England there's no one like Steve Mcmanaman around these days true legend that was respected by many made it in la liga only english player to win champions lge with foreign team.

KazumaKiryu3615d ago

I agree, although the new generation of footballers seem to be quite good technically so hopefully in several years they'll come good. Probably not under a manager like roy hodgson though.

ProjectVulcan3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

England had the oldest squad at World Cup 2010, at Euro 2012, they had the second youngest. A lot of this was unused subs, a lot of very young players who have had the tournament experience even if they did not play.

I always felt this tournament was just a turn up and see what happens. The preparations or lack thereof beforehand dictated that. The real genuine test for the future of the team will come over the next two years and qualifying, then hopefully competing in the world cup.

Killzoned3615d ago

England are too DEFENSIVE! need someone who can hold the ball!

ProjectVulcan3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Jack Wilshere is a top talent who can be a major playmaker for England in the coming years. Arsenal will be an excellent place to hone his craft.

England however are naturally a defensive team and have been built on defensive qualities for many years. There is nothing wrong with being a solid defensive side- it is just the ability to keep the ball and turn it to attack.

Other countries have a wealth of attacking talent, England sadly do not right now.