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Officially confirmed: Jordi Alba will sign for Barcelona!

After several months of negotiations, Barcelona and Valencia have reached an agreement and Jordi Alba will be the first reinforcement of Catalonian club in this transfer period.

Lengthy negotiations over the future of Jordi Alba are completed. After months and months of negotiations and contacts, Barcelona and Valencia have finally reached an agreement on the transfer.

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Sahil3612d ago

He was brilliant yesterday.

What a steal for 14m!!

HxCGamer3611d ago

ahhhh gay... i liked him

Corepred43610d ago

Yes, gay. Saying he's displeased about something. Problem?

kulka3611d ago

This is a bargain will be the top left back in the world very soon.

Kur03610d ago

Marcelo, Coentrao, and Bale are better.

Nes_Daze3610d ago

Notice how he said soon, as of now I haven't seen him play enough to judge how good he really is, yes Marcelo, Coentrao, and Bale seem better, but you can't be too quick to judge.

kulka3610d ago

Give him 2-3 years. He's been a key performer for Spain at this tournament.

majiebeast3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )

Its so awesome how barcalona is still spending cash left and right while the country is basicly bankrupt. How about they pay off those loans so the rest of Europe doesnt have to bail them out.

OldParr3611d ago

Really dude!!! Get yourself more educated before making accusations like that!!

Kinect3610d ago

So giving Spain 14 millions will save them from the economic crisis O_O ? besides wen an economy goes down u need billions not millions son :)

XboxInnovation3610d ago

Sports help the economy. Maybe if the Barca hierarchy was running the country things would be better

Theo11303610d ago

He's going to be a perfect barcelona player, the way he threw himself on the floor and complained after every challenge, a perfect barca player.

MYSTERIO3603610d ago

I can't help but think that man utd lost out on a big opportunity to sign him he would of performed well for us i think.

We are in dire need of a right back and another midfielder and Jordi alba would of perfectly filled that void in as RB. Guess we will have to search elsewhere