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Watch out Messi & Ronaldo: Pirlo is now a real contender for the Ballon d'Or

The magnificent midfielder has been at the centre of Italy's charge to the Euro 2012 final, and a victory on Sunday would confirm him as a front-runner for the world player award

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FootballZilla3865d ago

Messi deserves it, after all he did win the COPA DEL REY! haha

Nes_Daze3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

And he only outscored Ronaldo in the Champions league...and he ONLY outscored Ronaldo in la Liga.

Ronaldo and Madrid won a league? Feels like it has been a while huh?

Oh and Messi didn't win the Copa Del Rey, Barcelona did.

FootballZilla3865d ago

nice profile pic you support barca? haha

Corepred43865d ago

He didn't even mention Ronaldo. Butt hurt? He outscored him during the league but Ronaldo won the league. Outscored Ronaldo during Champions League but missed THE most important penalty. lmao we can go back and forth all day.

On Topic: I hope Ronaldo wins it but I wouldn't mind if Pirlo wins it. Dude is old as hell and is still playing at top level. His club won their league and he is pretty much Italy's rock.

KingPin3864d ago

"Dude is old as hell and is still playing at top level. His club won their league and he is pretty much Italy's rock."

same could be said about ryan giggs being manchester uniteds rock. but he never even gets looked at. its amazing how many good players get over looked.

lugia 40003864d ago

Your Pic says it all, so I wont listen to you...

Nes_Daze3864d ago

@Corpred4, I mentioned Madrid and Ronaldo won the league, apparently you can't comprehend that A TEAM WINS LEAGUES. Messi missed a penalty? And Ronaldo missed one against Bayern. Yes we can go back and forth all day, but I won't be butthurt of Messi gets the award again.

Corepred43864d ago

Yes a team wins leagues. That's why I don't understand why every barca fans gets on their knees for messi alone, lol. The way I see they both didn't score their penalties but at least ronaldo's was blocked while messi just missed.

Snakefist303864d ago

Scoring against shitty teams like Bayern Leversik and others.His real challenge was against Chelsea and where fail to score.

Golden_Dive3864d ago


- Ronaldo , oh Ronaldo the guy that thought Portugal would beat spain in the final , the guy who wanted to take the 5th penalty to take all the glory, even Nani blazed him out for that and also Ronaldo doesnt deserve it at all he got outscored by messi in every competition and yet Pirlo won the serie A with Juventus in one season once he moved how long did it take Ronaldo 3 Season I believe - Messi may of missed a penalty but Cesc and Sanchez missed a crucial chance at stamford bridge ,
Ronaldo didnt do much either and Chelsea have a good stat against messi , he has never scored against Chelsea at all btw Ronaldo missed a penalty Lmaooo -

Pirlo deserves it , hes the key player for Italy dumnbass , it doesnt matter how old he is - If you anything about Football not just Ronaldo you would understand what did Zidane do for france and realmadrid when he was over 30?

Now give me the bubble down , the same guy who does it over and over like a whiny bitch ;)
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pompombrum3864d ago

Why would Pirlo win it? If Xavi didn't win it after Spain won the world cup, what possible chance does Pirlo have?

IcyEyes3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

"Dude is old as hell ..."

Wow, 33 yo and it's old as hell ... You guys really scare me.

Corepred43864d ago

Well think about it. 33 in football is old. Especially with these 18-20 year olds entering the league. 33 might notbe so old in life but in football, yes, old.

zeddy3864d ago

if he wins the euros then he'll atleast get into the top 3. didnt Cannavaro win it in 2006? he was like 32-33.

MYSTERIO3603864d ago

Pirlo deserves it he is pure class

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