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‘Ronaldo hasn’t done anything until the last two months’ – Filipe Luis on Ballon d'Or

Atletico Madrid defender Filipe Luis believes that Cristiano Ronaldo is not worthy of winning the Ballon d’Or again this year.

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KingPin2403d ago

by this guys logic, ronaldo scored all his goals and assists in two months while it took messi to accomplish slightly more much longer time. that would make ronaldo a better player in either case then wont it?

whats funny is when players won golden boots, it was team trophies that counted. when others won team trophies, it was goals that mattered. when players win trophies it becomes a matter of goals and assists that counts. its like the goal posts keeps moving to suit one type of player based on what he did the best so that they can continually say x player is the best in the world. And before you guys jump on a bandwagon saying im a ronaldo fanboy blah blah blah, this happened in 2010 and 2012 for messi to win it and 2013 and 2014 for ronaldo to win it over other more deserving players. they should either make a set criteria for such a prize or scrap such an individual award and have one more for team efforts because football is a team sport at the end of the day.

IMHO though, the Ballon D'or is more of a popularity prize at this point than a football performance trophy and we can only hope it will gain its prestige after messi and ronaldo retire.