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I didn't go to Liverpool because Spurs are going places, reveals Sigurdsson

Gylfi Sigurdsson spurned Liverpool's advances because he believes Tottenham are a club that is going places, the Iceland midfielder has revealed.
Speculation surrounding Sigurdsson's future came to an end when Spurs confirmed they had signed the 22-year-old on a reported five-year deal.
Sigurdsson had been linked with Swansea, where he was on loan last season, and the midfielder confirmed this evening there was also strong interest from Liverpool, who are now managed by former Swans boss Brendan Rodgers.

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freeduck3609d ago

LOL, he transferred because he wanted £70k a week and LFC did not want to pay that much for an average midfielder.

He will have fun benching because VDV plays in his position, unless he was meant to be a replacement for Modric.

freeduck3609d ago

And also he will definitely hinder the development of Jonjo Shelvey, who is a very promising prospect

Let's spend the real money on 2 wingers, striker and a midfielder like Sahin.

Golden_Dive3609d ago

Clearly what he war trying to tell people like you is that he's going to liverpool because they got Europa , that's something liverpool dont have your talk is rubbish, I actually lol'd at your comment

buddymagoo3609d ago

Where did Liverpool finish in the league again?

freeduck3609d ago

Does it even matter? Spurs are still in Europa, and I doubt they can get 4th, 5th, 4th consistently like they did in the past 3 seasons without Redknapp.

buddymagoo3608d ago

Better than finishing 7th 2010, 6th 2011, 8th 2012

NewMonday3608d ago

With an actual trophy unlike your homeboys

mcstorm3608d ago

@newmonday United won the league in 2010–11, League cup in 2009–10, the Community Shield in 2010 and 2011 so in that time we have won 4 Trophy's.

But back to this story at this moment in time Spers Squad is looking better than Liverpool's and at this moment in time Spers would be the better of the two clubs to go to because of where they have finished in the last 3 seasons compared to Liverpool.

I do think Liverpool will get back into the top 4 or 5 again over the next few seasons because the Gunners are turning into a selling team and they will end up dropping out the best 5 or 6 teams in the league but Liverpool are in a rebuilding position just like United are but at this moment Liverpool's squad is not strong enough to get into the top 4 so if you were a player looking to better his game and try to win thing and Liverpool and Spers came in for you where would you go? (Take what team you support out of it) For me it would be Spers as they are a team on the up at the Moment and Liverpool are going backwards (The will be up there again) but to me they are 2 maybe 3 seasons away of getting into the to 4.

Sahil3608d ago

How many trophies did you club win this year, AGAIN?

buddymagoo3608d ago

1 (Charity Shield) just like you lot but it's not like you lot are going to win another any time soon

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shadowraiden3609d ago

sound like a sore loser to me.
and wait you really think a player of Sahin's level will come to liverpool get real with your expectations liverpool doesnt even have pull everton offer anymore.
and hinder development of shelvey what turning into a average at best midfielder who will always be in shadow of the one talent liverpool have created in the past 20 years.

guigsy3609d ago

More like they couldn't afford it. To spend so much money last summer and achieve virtually nothing will hit your finances hard. Don't expect a busy summer.

freeduck3608d ago

Right... because Rodgers confirmed himself that he will be bringing 3-4 players, not to mention that there are a few stars in the academy that need a promotion.

GanjaMan3608d ago

70k for a average midfielder? hes better than downsyndrome, henderson, shelvy n spearing combined! and didnt queen kenny sign carroline on a 85k a week? ahahhaaa

Sahil3608d ago

Where do you come up with those figures, let me guess.. in your own world.

P.S. worry bout your disaster of a club and HE LEAVES WHEN HE WANTS :D

zeddy3608d ago

the fact that spurs offered him more money shows they are going places, so he has a good point.

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chukamachine3608d ago

Harry is smart, but does not look to the future, most players are coming to the end of their careers. But he gets them cheap.

But spurs are going places. 1div:)

Straightupbeastly3608d ago

Spurs for the double. Domestic cup and Europa league