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World Football: Ranking the Top 5 Most Valuable Players on the Planet

BR - Football fans love creating lists.

Oftentimes, we do it in order to rank who are the best and worst in a particular league during a season.

Sometimes, we get more creative and try to classify the most skillful, lethal, aggressive, hotheaded, and useless players. We do it for our own teams as well as for others in different leagues on different continents.

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PaPa-Slam3610d ago

Pretty predictable list.

freeduck3610d ago

Falcao is debatable. You could put anyone there, really

Aguero, Hazard, Silva, Xavi, etc etc

Dakidog3609d ago

"This list does not take into account veteran footballers who are still excelling and dazzling crowds like Andrea Pirlo or Xavi Hernandez, who both participated in the recent Euro 2012 final between Italy and Spain.

Nor will it take into account stars who have only in the past season moved for massive fees such as South American rivals Sergio Aguero and Alexis Sanchez.

Instead, these are currently the most monetarily valuable stars on the market, each of whom would vastly improve even the most pitiful football team."

That's why a few of those people you named aren't on the list.

I won't argue with the list, and Falcao isn't predictable if you ask me...but certainly can be on the list.

freeduck3609d ago

What about Torres? 50m transfer

I still think Hazard should be on this list now that he transferred to Chelsea

SJIND3609d ago

Is this according to talent or price?

Gamer19823609d ago

Falcao over Aguero? He was brought in as his replacement with the Aguero money as they couldn't hold onto Kun. He isn't as valuable.

DavidLuiz43609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

He ran the show for athletico and also smack each goal for his price tag to show how powerful he is, athletico is smiling because they did business for the selfs and for city, now aguero didn't win the la liga but did win a Europa cup while falcoa did that in two seasons st two different clubs plus credit to kun Aguero since he won the premier league for Manchester city so either way. Both are valuable. But I believe falcoa could score with any team he's unstoppable and is powerful player to watch ..

Straightupbeastly3609d ago

Lucas Moura

freeduck3609d ago

I would put Neymar ahead of Lucas

Gamer19823608d ago

I wouldnt either Neymar has to prove he can do it outside South America its a differnt game in Europe even Pele knew that and thats why he never left and became one of the best.