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10 Most Exciting Players to Watch in the Premier League Next Season

BR - The 2012-2013 Premier League season is just weeks away, and if it follows the trend of recent EPL seasons, football fans are in for quite a ride.

Plenty of players young and old stepped up last season to make it one of the most exciting ever, and that's sure to be the case again this year.

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PaPa-Slam4246d ago

Great List, cannot wait till the season starts, it'll be so damn fun.

Yi-Long4245d ago

... also can't wait to get my Fantasy League set up again :)

One of the players I'll be watching will ofcourse still be the young Ryo Miyachi. Great player. Let's hope he'll finally play a full season.

Suarez is always great to watch.

guigsy4246d ago

This will sound extremely biased coming from a Man United fan but Kagawa has to be one to watch. Depending on how quickly he settles into the Premier League, he could be the signing of the season.

DavidLuiz44246d ago

What about Eden Hazard lol?

Sahil4246d ago

Hazard's there.. check again.

buddymagoo4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Kagawa has to be. He was bundesliga player of the year not an easy feat considering all the great german players in that league.

Excited to see Hazard also and Marin although I doubt he will get the playing time.

Really looking forward to seeing the murderer from Serbia back. Vidic will make us much stronger at the back.

DonMingos4245d ago

I agree with you that kagawa has to be on this list, though the Bundesliga Player of the Year was Marco Reus, not Kagawa

Blackdeath_6634245d ago

agreed, i thought it was a bad list i wouldn't describe andy carrol as exciting. kagawa should have been included on the list instead of him.

Davoh4246d ago

Andy Carroll scores one good header for England and suddenly he's one to watch, yet Theo Walcott who was probably England's best player doesn't even make the list?

Blackdeath_6634245d ago

I know right, what annoyed me even more is that the header was nominated as one of the best goal in euro 2012 by the bbc yet they didn't include van persie's goal or theo walcott's shot from outside the box

Straightupbeastly4246d ago

Papiss Cisse

I'll save the last two slots for future signings

jak3y13oy4246d ago

i'm looking forward to see Vertonghen play!

Great list and i agree with everyone one.. except Carrol, sure he scored a goal for England but he will probably be on the bench throughout the season :)

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