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Manchester United’s Next Big Signing? A detailed view

Today Sir Alex mentioned in the press conference that there is a still room for one or two signings so lets make a guess which one it would be ,we will provide you the current situation of the deals and you will predict ,lets see who gets his prediction right

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buddymagoo4095d ago

Vidic coming back, De Gea settling in after his first season in the Premier League as well as new signings Jones and Young getting their first year at the club out of the way. A full season with Scholes. New signing Kagawa to come in and hopefully Cleverley and Anderson can stay fit this season.

Finished 19 points above Arsenal and 26 points above Chelsea last season so if we can improve on last season which everyone expects then we will do well.

If we get another signing then it's a bonus!

pompombrum4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

While I think your above statement in regards to the team is true, we still need another killer signing if we realistically want to push for the title. Chelsea will strengthen their squad further, City are likely to get RVP and who else are we going for? Leighton bloody Baines.. we need either two good signings or one great signing if we want to realistically mount a title challenge against City.

Not to mention we've lost Park which is a big big loss for the club as he is not only both hard working and versatile but has a knack for scoring important goals. Pogba is also a big loss plus Nani's future is still uncertain. It could very well end up being another bad season if we're not careful.

Jonnyquest3214095d ago

As it stands City are not stronger, even if they get RVP is he really that much better than Aguero and Tevez? Whereas we will be stronger for the reasons listed by buddymagoo. Chelsea have signed a lot and will most likely sign more but who knows if they will have the right team chemistry plus they have the Club world championships. We need an lb to challenge Evra, I'd prefer Fryers getting more of a chance but Baines is only 2nd to Cole on form as an lb. IMO we need a Moutinho , De Rossi or Javi Martinez- someone who can do tough tackles but is good on the ball and can score

Prophet1124095d ago

Fryers has signed for Tottenham Hotspur and Fabio is on loan to QPR so United definitely need to bring in a left back.

pompombrum4095d ago

RVP isn't better than Aguero or Tevez but he's the best finisher in the prem.. stick Aguero, Silva and Nasri behind him and you've got yourself the best attacking lineup in the prem and almost on par with Madrid and Barce.

I agree we could do with a good ball winner too.. I've been saying for a few years now that utd should be throwing money at Munich for Schweinsteiger.. he's the perfect fit for utd's midfield and is both a great passer and a great ball winner.

The_Devil_Hunter4095d ago

Schweintsteiger is a fantastic player. And you are most defintiely right he does seem United like. i love seeing with Bayern but I also wished he played in an english team.

Anderson84095d ago

we wanted sweinsteiger last season but he didnt want to join

PaPa-Slam4095d ago

Well this is a Teaser, i expect to be blown away by the next Signing.