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Bolt wants to stop Manchester City

Usain Bolt has hit the jackpot and won his third gold medal for Jamaica. Following that, he assured Sir Alex Ferguson that he could stop Manchester City from winning the Barclays Premier League. He told The Sun that he is praying Manchester United would offer him a trial so that he could prove himself.

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ProjectVulcan3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Really what are his chances of being remotely good enough to play for a club like United? LOL

Maybe he could just help sprint training.

But to be honest, English clubs really need to employ David Boudia and make their diving gold medal standard to compete in European matches against Barca et al who dominate that sort of thing

b163o13694d ago

Usain is fast.....running Str8, Football tends to go in all directions. I'm not saying he's not skilled, but if he's got talent like he claims, why just run track? I know plenty of track stars that play other sports. Speed isn't everything in football.

If he ever did get the chance to play City, the SilvaSurfer would break his ankles..