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David Silva Holding Out for Bigger Pay Deal at City: Roundup

David Silva is holding out for a contract that would put him up alongside Manchester City’s £200,000-a-week top earners before committing to a new long-term deal at the Etihad Stadium.

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freeduck3696d ago

130k per week and he's not happy? Brilliant player but he should realize that there are only so few clubs willing to match his 200k/wk wage demands. I don't think Barcelona can afford to get him this window.

Infernostew3696d ago

What do you expect from Mercenary City?

chrisarsenalsavart3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

this why i love arsenal, they will never be taken for ransom by a bunch of mercenaries.
i remember once during a match in french league, wenger talked about. players
asking for more money after only 1 season in their current contract. and said
" Player,s agent are more greedy than the player himself,
and the word contract means nothing at all anymore. That is why i,d rather let them go than fight for someone who,s not man enough to honor something as meaningful as a contract. i have been offered jobs many times before, but i will always see through my contract before commiting to another project."